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Analog Watches 3,134 items
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Titan Raga Rose Gold Dial Watch for Women


Sonata Poze Quartz Analog White Dial Metal Strap Watch for Women


Titan Quartz Analog Blue Dial Metal Strap Watch for Women


Women's Watch
₹ 12,685 ₹ 25,370 50% off
Sonata Poze Quartz Analog Golden Dial Mesh Strap Watch for Women


Fastrack Quartz Analog Blue Dial Metal Strap Watch for Guys


Titan Pastel Dreams Silver Dial Analog Leather Strap Watch for Women


Titan Raga Delight Pink Dial Analog Metal Strap watch for Women


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Analog Watches – A Gift for Generations

No matter the occasion or outfit, a good watch is a perfect accessory for everyone. The new-age definition of a good watch may now be a smartwatch stacked with astonishing features, but nothing beats the charm of a good, old analog watch. Every timepiece that you purchase is an investment, and as an expensive piece of jewelry, a beautiful, expensive analog wrist watch can be passed down generations as a family heirloom.

History of Analog Watches

The analog wrist watch has a long history, dating back to 1571 when Queen Elizabeth I of England received a wrist watch from Robert Dudley, but he preferred to call it an arm watch. Military soldiers made wrist watches popular towards the end of World War I. Wrist watches were used to help soldiers time their moves during the war when synchronized maneuvers were becoming increasingly vital. Following the Allies' triumph in World War I, the general public realized how useful and valuable an analog watch might be. Gradually, analog wrist watches gained popularity in the market and their demand increased.

Despite the introduction of smartwatches, the craze that began then continues till today.

Why Analog Watches are a Better Option?

An analog watch is the finest option for a timepiece that will be both elegant and trustworthy for years to come, especially when compared to digital watches. Because these watches are often more expensive, it is crucial to understand what makes analog watches the best as you hunt for the perfect timepiece.

• Precision Craftsmanship

Even the most basic analog timepieces are made up of over a hundred small parts. The fact that all these elements are painstakingly assembled by the hands of experienced watchmakers is perhaps the most astonishing aspect of these timepieces. When it comes to analog wrist watches, the term ‘Swiss movement’ is frequently used as a type of umbrella word. While many of these analog watches are created in Switzerland, others of exceptional quality may be made in Japan. China even produces some lower-end stylish analog watches. When looking at the many possibilities, make sure to do your research and ask a lot of questions to ensure that you are buying the highest possible quality analog wrist watch.

• Wearable Piece of Art

The small components that make up these remarkable creations not only work together brilliantly to keep time, but they also look stunning. It is self-evident that you are likely to choose an analog watch primarily based on how it looks on your wrist. From a purely structural standpoint, buying an analog wrist watch is also choosing an object of beauty.

• Heirloom Quality

Analog watches elicit an evident sense of nostalgia and history. They are made in a manner that harkens back to the past. However, the fact that an analog watch would outlast its computerized cousin by years is more essential. An analog wrist watch, in fact, is the ideal heirloom piece to be passed down through the years. When you purchase an analog watch, you are selecting a meaningful and artistic work of art that will be cherished by your successors for many years.

Explore Titan’s Timepieces

Titan has a wide variety of analog watches for men and women, metallic watches, ceramic watches, leather straps, and synthetic leather watches to choose from. If you are seeking a timepiece that is both sturdy and suitable for daily use, take a look at the official Titan website. You can choose the timepiece that best suits your personality, whether it's in metallic colors or classics. You can also choose from a variety of gleaming and elegant leather black analogue watches that will make you look debonair in a variety of situations. Analog watches can also be chosen depending on the form and color of the dial.


1. Why should I buy an analog watch?

Analog watches are timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Your smartwatch might eventually be outdated but that will never happen with an analog watch.

2. Are there different dial shapes available for women?

Yes, we offer a wide collection of stylish analog watches for women in different dial shapes like classic round, contemporary, oval, square, etc.

3. Is analog watch better than digital?

Yes, analog watches are a better option in comparison to digital watches. They never go out of style and have the added advantage of being used as an heirloom.

4. How long do analog watches last?

High quality timepieces can last generations if the owner maintains the watch with regular care and upkeep.

5. Does an analog watch need batteries?

Automatic analog wrist watches do not require any battery. These types of analog watches are powered by the motion of your wrist and need to be manually hand-wound.

6. What is the advantage of buying a Titan analog watch?

We are one of the most trusted watchmakers in the country. We offer excellent quality analog watches for men, women, and children, available in assorted styles, designs, and colors.

7. Are analog watches an affordable option?

Yes, you can find some really great budget-friendly options available in our analogue watch range. You can find a variety of styles, colors, material, and dial shapes for both men and women.

8. Are analog watches worth it?

While some of these timepieces might be a little on the pricey side in comparison to digital watches, they are worth the price as you get quality pieces that will not ever go out of style. These watches are like an investment and can be passed down as an heirloom.

9. Are analog watches better for men or women?

Analog watches are an excellent option for both men and women. Choose a watch that suits your personality and style well, and you can pair it with any outfit.

10. Is it better to buy a quartz analog watch or an automatic one?

Quartz is the best option if you are searching for a low-cost, low-maintenance watch. Automatic watches, on the other hand, are the way to go if you want a more high-end, complicated, and intricate timepiece.

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