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Titan Maritime Black Dial Automatic Leather Strap Watch for Men


Titan Maritime White Dial Analog Leather Strap Watch for Men


Titan Quartz Chronograph Green Dial Leather Strap Watch for Men


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Inspire Your Style of Accessories with Maritime Watch Pieces

Lo and behold, it is that time of the year when the festivities are in full swing, and the stores are buzzing with people either wanting to buy gifts for their loved ones or buy gifts for themselves to celebrate Christmas and, perhaps, give a perfect wrap to the year 2022. While people may choose clothes, bags, wallets, and accessories, seldom would they think of buying something grand like a maritime watch. Therefore, it is a matter of immense pride that you choose something as prominent as a maritime watch, also known as naval watches or nautical watches. Why, you may ask. A maritime watch is crafted to cater to the taste of those who appreciate details and detailed craftsmanship. If you consider yourself falling into the category, marine watches are for you. Come and immerse yourself in the long, treacherously beautiful voyage of the seas with a maritime watch collection at your nearby Titan store.

The maritime watch collection by Titan is a rare collection of elegant, tasteful, and sophisticated pieces put together and inspired by the adventurous journey on the seas. The marine watches consist of elements that are crafted and designed to capture the essence of the incredible nuances of the nautical miles covered on the high seas. Inspired by the magnetic compass of the nautical instruments, Titan presents the collection named 'The Guide' for the contemporary, modern-day Voyager in you.

A Peek into the Historical Context

These naval watch designs are a nautical-inspired masterpiece, featuring the white-coloured, anthracite and sea-green watch dials and the typical, signature-enamelled crown. Inspired by the fine needle of the magnetic compass, the hour and minute disc and the second hand are fine lines to marvel at. Nautical watches are based on the traditional values of Breguet. However, having them engineered in the contemporary world required a sportier and design-oriented perspective. Usually, maritime watches possess all the qualities laid down by the famous and renowned Breguet, the chronometer maker of the French Navy, appointed by King Louis XVIII. Not only was it a matter of honour and prestige, but it was also an essential function of the state. Back then, marine chronometers were critical and of significant importance to the fleets to determine the position of the ships on the water.

Inspired by the adventurous voyages of the seafarers, the maritime watch collection emulated the progress of the voyages. The defining elements of the maritime watch draw inspiration from the trans-oceanic travel era, such as the porthole, the propeller, and the dynamic bow, amongst others. The colour gradients add to the calmness, impenetrability, and mysteriousness of the dangerous sea. They give it a visual sense of depth and infinity, making the characters look more natural. At first glance, they seem to be just like other watches. But the cacophony soon gains momentum because Titan watches are what they are. And this time, it is the Maritime II collection.

Maritime II Collection

Maritime II is the second edition of Maritime watch pieces. Inspired by the daring and courageous travels of the seamen, this collection features ten magnificent maritime watch pieces that flaunt elements of the steam engine ships and captivate the incredible essence of naval ships.

The maritime watch collection by Titan comprises four different cases, each with its distinctive watch design and characteristics. The elegant bows of steamships, propellers, portholes, and engine order telegraphs are all stimulants for these cases. In addition, the maritime watches in this collection are water-resistant and include some mechanical watches in the collection. These timepieces are a tribute to fearless seamen with a labyrinth of elaborate design features. Some of these maritime watches are designed to appear like the shimmering streamlined bows of ships, with an interplay of discs that represent and define vitality and energy. In some watches, the grandeur of the engine order telegraph is expressed distinctively.

Each maritime watch is a captivating spectacle, accentuating your personality with its revelry of elaborate craftsmanship and deep ocean blue plating, which renders the collection an affluent temperament and fashion quotient.

The Bow

This maritime watch is inspired by the elegant and vibrant bows of ocean liners, and it monumentalizes its incredible front panorama. This maritime watch is a contemporary spin on the notion, with multi-layered front and configuration components inspired by liners' construction elements.

The Blade This concept is derived from the ravishing and functional craftsmanship of steamships and their propellers. The propeller and steam gauge inspired the dials, while the porthole inspired the crown.

The Captain

This concept, inspired by the insignia on a captain's uniform, commemorates the elevation of the nautical sector and the seafarers. The maritime watch dial is motivated by the plush mahogany cabins of opulent ocean liners, with indices illuminated by the top profile and numerous decks of these ships. This maritime watch is powered by the popular Japanese automatic movement – Miyota 8N40.

The Telegraph

Inspired by the engine order telegraph, this idea accentuates accurate craftsmanship and distinctive form. In addition, the dial features a novel time-keeping structure, underlined by two discs that designate the day and date. A perfect amalgamation of panache, grace and functionality, maritime watch pieces from the Maritime II collection by Titan are sure to make a fashion statement.

For stylish men who love to stay at the top of their fashion game, analogue watches with chronograph movement from the Maritime collection by Titan are designed to suit their wardrobe accessory essentials. The sea green round dial is encompassed in a 49 mm case, protected by a mineral glass, and conducted by a quartz movement. They ooze 3D sea wave designs, plain three hands, two sub-dials, boat-shaped indices at 5-minute intervals, a pusher, and a crown for time adjustment. The authentic leather strap comes in a dark tan shade, further elevating the watch's look. Also, they are completed with a buckle clasp that guarantees a secure fit.


1. What are Maritime watches?

Maritime watches by Titan are a range of watches made with the most elegant and graceful craftsmanship that true watchmaking can deliver, with high-quality components and elegant metals used to make the maritime watch pieces.

2. Why are Maritime Watches considered premium?

The quality of a high-quality maritime watch is still what sets it a class apart from a regular consumer watch. For example, maritime automatic watches are often made from costly metals or are set with treasured stones. However, the technology and vision that create a premium maritime watch are generally significantly outstanding to those that go into making a regular everyday-wear watch meant for daily wear.

3. Are maritime Watch pieces expensive?

Yes, maritime watch pieces are conventionally more costly than standard, daily-wear timepieces due to their expensive components and other treasured metals used in their manufacturing.

4. Which brand is best for Maritime Watches?

Titan's special Maritime collection is aesthetically delightful and ergonomically sound. The exquisite maritime watches are meant to be iconoclastic, avant-garde, and invested with a feeling of meaningfulness, bravery, and courage.

5. Where are Maritime Watches Manufactured?

Maritime watches are manufactured in India.

6. Why should I buy premium Maritime Watches?

Premium maritime watch pieces exemplify the best of everything, with their eternal refinement and premium grade that set them apart from other regular designs. These maritime watch pieces act as crown jewels for us, while others perceive them as an emblem of prominence or an opulent lifestyle. Premium watches like the maritime watch epitomize a deep level of extravagance and say a lot about your character.

7. Why are maritime watch pieces considered the best?

The maritime watch pieces are known to be the finest extravagant watches since the beginning of watchmaking, which makes possessing a maritime watch like holding a fragment of history itself. In addition, maritime watches have the best elements a watch can ever have, punctuated with grand nautical, trans-oceanic accents that are sure to make people stop and stare.

8. Where to buy maritime watch pieces in India?

If you are trying to figure out where to start when buying a maritime watch for men and women, you visit your nearest Titan store and explore the vast array of timepieces.

9. How much should I spend on maritime watch pieces?

Your budget for a luxury accessory like a maritime watch is decided, then fret not, as there are different price ranges under Titan available for you to explore when looking for a maritime watch.

10. Are maritime watches Swiss-made?

No. Maritime watches are designed and manufactured by Titan. They are designed to imbibe the courage and bravery of the seafarers who make dangerous adventures on the treacherous seas a way of life.

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