Embark on a celestial journey with Titan Stellar timepieces – each watch transcends timekeeping, adorning your wrist with cosmic elegance for an ethereal voyage through the stars.

Inspired by a Protostar

These watches are inspired by the ethereal swirls of cosmic dust and the luminous trails of celestial creation, reflected in the mesmerising dial patterns.

Inspired by a Supernova

This watch is inspired by the radiant disintegration of a star, mirrored in its celestial terrain dial and sun-moon disc sub-dial and futuristic bracelet designs.

Inspired by a Blackhole

This watch features curved hands following the dial's intricate involute profile, while its all-black case and bracelet evoke the mystique of deep space.

Inspired by Shooting Stars

Step into the extraordinary with our limited-edition watches, where each timepiece shares a celestial narrative marked with an exclusive number for a touch of uniqueness.

Crafted in Aventurine

Inspired by the shimmering depths reminiscent of a starlit night, this timepiece is adorned with a brilliant dial made of a rare quartz material – Aventurine, crafted to elevate you to new celestial heights.

Crafted in Malachite

This watch is crafted with Malachite - a rare mineral stone with cosmic allure that draws inspiration from the celestial spectacle of a green nebula, complimented with green croco patterned padded leather strap.

Crafted in Meteorite

The dial of this extraordinary timepiece is crafted with 1,20,000 year old awe-inspiring Muonionalusta Meteorite. The dial, carrying the distinctive Widmanstätten patterns, tells a tale of cosmic evolution, making each piece utterly unique.

The 7ACO and 7A20S are Titan’s In-House Automatic Caliber, a testament to precision and craftmanship crafted in India.

The caliber is designed with 22 jewels, which offers timekeeping accuracy within -10 to +30 sec/day, ensuring that every moment is perfectly captured. While 7A20S features a 36 hour power reserve, the 7ACO features a 38 hour power reserve, both calibers add impeccable functionality to these celestial timepieces.

Lume-filled elements gleam like stars in the sky.

Experience the elegance, precision, and innovation inspired by the cosmos with each Titan Stellar timepiece. Your journey through the stars awaits.

Your journey through the stars awaits.