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Wooden Wall Clocks 15 items
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Titan Wooden Shelf Clock White Dial with Silent Sweep Technology


Titan Wooden Shelf Clock for Kids with a Lion Cartoon Print on Dial


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Get Wooden Wall Clocks to Redefine Time

As one of the primary and oldest inventions of human beings, wooden wall clocks are still relevant for their functionality. But, at the same time, they move beyond that role in contemporary times and take up the role of an element of your home's décor.

As an attractive and decorative piece of décor, wooden wall clocks make your home inviting and emit good vibes. Wall clock wooden frames are not only a time-telling device. They are also an essential piece of décor that adds a unique charm to your space. Not restricted to the living room alone, but a wooden watch for wall can also be added to your patio, kitchen, balcony, bedroom, or wherever you wish to place them today. Therefore, we at Titan can help you make that choice with our innovative and stunningly designed wood clocks that come in diverse types - analogue, digital, and a blend of analogue-digital. Besides, if you are a little old school and appreciate the traditional look, analogue wooden wall clocks are the best bet. These analogue wooden wall clocks add a classic and rustic look to your home décor, which comes in an assortment of colours, designs, frames, dials, shapes, and more.

Types of Wooden Wall Clocks That Stay On With Time

Purchasing wall clock wooden frame for your home can be very difficult because you want them to look trendy and enhance the interior decoration of your home. These days, most of us look for a blend of performance and panache, inspiring brands like us to design innovative and edgy wooden wall clocks. These days we have wooden watch for walls designed for particular spaces like wooden wall clocks for home, wooden wall clocks for offices, and more. But before you get started with the buying process, you must take a quick look at the various wall clock wooden frame that is likely to bring the latest look to the room you place them in.

• Pendulum Wall Clocks

This is an indisputable traditional kind of wood clock, which is here to stay. The wood clock uses the swinging weight of the pendulum for timekeeping. Also, alternatively known as cuckoo clocks, they are traditionally quite intricately handcrafted. If you select such a piece for your abode, we recommend using wall lights to flesh out the elements elegantly.

• Photo Clocks

Give your wall a personalized touch with wooden wall clocks. The photo frames around the face of the photo clocks can be adjusted occasionally. This is an excellent way to rotate images and accentuate treasured memories by using them in your décor with photo clocks and the wooden watch for wall. To look uniform and cohesive, you can also stick to a particular theme or colour palette in your chosen photographs.

• Antique Wall Clocks

While having unique objects is nice, the essence that antique wooden wall clocks lend to your space is irreplaceable. If a wall clock wooden frame with a vintage look is added to an optimally furnished room, your space is immediately enriched. A wooden wall clocks of aged wood can also be used in a corner along with plants, fountains, and planters for a cosy, relaxing nook.

• Analog Wall Clocks

Analogue wooden wall clocks are general preferences for most homes because of the spectrum of design they offer. If you love making a style statement, you can choose a big wooden watch for wall to cover an entire wall and add an element of drama to your room. There are multiple designs from which you can pick. However, one of the most famous designs for such big wooden wall clocks is the one that is inspired by clock tower designs, such as Big Ben. These large wooden wall clocks add a bold element to your home and give it a modern look. On the other hand, if you dislike big clocks, you can opt for eclectic analogue clocks in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, if you are developing a picture wall for your home, you can choose wooden wall clocks with picture frames to integrate easily into your wall's design. Finally, if you admire wooden items, you must explore our website for wooden wall clocks.

• Digital Wall Clocks

In an increasingly digital world, you will find umpteen digital wall clock options when shopping for wooden wall clocks for your home. Digital clocks are elegant, effective, and outstanding for workplaces as they offer more suitable visibility. Nevertheless, some digital clocks are ideal for homes, such as a moving picture frame digital clock enclosed in a wall clock wooden frame where you can upload your selected pictures so that it can act as both a clock and a picture frame. Additionally, digital clocks are also exemplary for kitchens as they are easy to clean and maintain.

As mentioned above, you can find a few types of wooden wall clocks online. But your purchasing choice depends on your budget, the wooden wall clocks price, and your sense of aesthetics. So, find the perfect wooden wall clocks for your home and order them today.

Buy Wall Clocks Online

Since it is time you add a dash of colour to your space, you must move away from the dull and bland-looking timepieces that display time in the most uninteresting way. Instead, step into a world of thrilling and sensational times that are vibrant, colourful, and stunningly unique. First, take up a home décor project to enhance the look of your space, and Titan has the wooden wall clocks you need to bring your idea to life. Then, accentuate your space with an aroma candle, vases, plants, and planters to add character to your space. Wooden wall clocks are more than just timepieces. Every space, big or small, must have at least wooden wall clocks to make your space look rich and transform into a beautiful piece of art.


1. What are the different varieties of wooden wall clocks available in the market?

There are innumerable types of wooden wall clocks available in the market depending on the material, shape, pattern, and size. Different options include embellished, solid, printed, and textured patterns; panel, regular, and pendulum designs; analogue and digital display; handcrafted, hand-painted and photo-frame features; contemporary, traditional, and vintage themes; abstract, geometric, floral, oval, rectangle, quirky, round, and square shapes, and more.

2. Which are some of the best brands for antique and wooden wall clocks?

Titan is the bestselling brand for antique and wooden wall clocks. They add grace and charm to the décor of your wall and are very much in demand. The traditional and artistic element of wood enhances and complements the space and adds a rustic element to your space.

3. What kind of wooden wall clocks is ideal for your cafes?

The choice of a wooden wall clock depends on the theme and décor of the cafe in question. It must be in sync with the artefacts and furniture that occupy the interiors of your space. The following choices can be contemplated:

• A wooden wall clock with a floral and quirky design will work well for an outdoor cafe with several characteristic planters.

• If you choose a vintage theme, the cafe can be adorned with analogue wooden wall clocks with or without a pendulum.

• A traditional wooden wall clock can adorn the interiors of your space if you choose to go for a rustic-themed cafe.

4. Are wooden wall clocks great as gifts?

Of course. Wooden wall clocks have an old-world charm and can be considered a well-thought-of gifting option. The options and variety make it easier to choose so that it is well-liked by the person receiving it.

5. How big should a wooden wall clock be?

A wooden wall clock can be as big as you can afford or want to have in your living room, but it must be in proportion to the size of the wall and the room. Or else, it would look quite unattractive.

6. Where should I place the wooden wall clock in the house?

You can place the wooden wall clock anywhere in the house, provided it is within the range of visibility without any obstruction, or else you will not be able to read the time.

7. How do I take care of a wooden wall clock?

In order to take care of a wooden wall clock, you need to do the following:

Take the wooden wall clock off the wall.

Remove the pendulum if there is any.

Wipe the dust off the clock surface.

Apply wax and polish on the wooden surface.>/p>

Attach the removable parts to the wood clock if you have removed any.

Hang it or place it back in its designated space.

8. Which is the best direction to hang a wooden wall clock?

The eastern side is the best direction to place your wooden wall clock. Alternatively, you can place it on the northern side of your room or house. For instance, if you sleep with your feet pointing north, the wooden wall clock can be placed there.

9. How high can I hang the wooden wall clocks?

At any moment, while decorating your space, you must hang the wooden wall above your eye level or between your eye and chest. It should be placed in a way that is higher than the tallest object in your room.

10. How do you hang a large wooden wall clock?

Drill a hole into the wall in proportion to the size of the screw anchors that can be drilled into masonry or drywall. Hammer the cone-shaped anchor into the wall to prevent damage with metal anchors for securing the wooden wall clock to the brick wall.

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