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Titan Men's Maritime Pro Lateen Sail Chronograph Watch


Men's Watch
₹ 13,450 ₹ 16,815 20% off
Titan Regalia Premium Green Chrono Stainless Steel Strap watch for Men


Best Seller
Men's Watch
₹ 14,710 ₹ 18,385 20% off
Xylys Quartz Chronograph Bicolour Dial Leather Strap Watch for Men


Titan Octane Black Dial Chronograph Watch for Men


Men's Watch
₹ 9,410 ₹ 11,765 20% off
Titan Octane White Dial Chrono Stainless Strap watch for Men


Titan Quartz Chronograph Blue Dial Leather Strap Watch for Men


Titan Octane Black Dial Chronograph Leather Strap watch for Men


Kenneth Cole Chronograph Black Dial Watch for Men


Men's Watch
₹ 8,395 ₹ 13,995 40% off
Titan Octane Black Chronograph Stainless Steel Strap watch for Men


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Look Regal & Powerful with Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches represent human excellence at their finest. This is because they operate on intricately designed complex systems. And so, chronograph watches serve more than one purpose, elevating themselves to a league above ordinary watches.

And since these chronograph watches are not your ordinary watches, they require an astounding level of craftsmanship. It is no easy feat to craft such a masterpiece. So, if you are sporting these chronograph watches, you are communicating to the world that you believe in upholding a certain standard of performance. You convey to the world that you are a man who deserves nothing less than the best.
That is how you live your own life.

Now that we have your attention, let us tell you about chronograph watches. Let us take a brief history trip to explain what these chronograph watches are and what sets them apart. We will also tell you where you will find the best chronograph watches.

History of Chronograph Watches

If you take a close look at the history of watchmaking, you will realize that chronograph watches have been an integral part of it for an exceptionally long time.

In 1816, Louis Moinet made the first chronograph in France. The man had devised this technology so that he could use it in astrology. He wanted something that could give him more precise time measurements than what ordinary watches could provide.

Unfortunately, Moinet’s invention could not enter the market, where it could gain commercial success. So, the title of the first tremendously successful and well-publicized chronograph watch went to Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec’s creation. This man worked for King Louis XVIII and under his patronage, he created a powerful watch that could help his king chalk up the time speed of each horse in the races. The basic idea was the same, but Rieuessec improved upon it. However, Rieuessec’s invention presented its own set of problems and so in the coming years, many watchmakers made their own chronograph watches.

At this point, the sole purpose of these watches was just to serve as stopwatches. Little did anyone know that these watches would herald a phenomenal shift in the history of watchmaking. Over the decades, these chronograph watches found extensive use in sports as well as the military. As their use and the corresponding demand increased, chronograph watches saw the addition of new elements such as tachymeter and automatic chronograph watches.

Chronograph Watches: What Are They and How Do They Work?

In the simplest terms, chronograph watches can be understood as stopwatches. They have complex in-built systems that help you track time with admirable precision. If we are talking about supreme Titan chronograph watches, some of them have accuracy up to 1/10th of a second.

If you are wondering how the chronograph watches differ from regular timepieces, you must know that there is a significant difference.

Chronograph watches require the existence of a second handpiece that operates outside of the working of the other hand/ systems that are tracking time. This second handpiece is the one that can be controlled. You can stop, rest, and then start it all over again. This second handpiece is what is called a chronograph.

If you want to delve deeper into the mechanism of chronograph watches, know that these watches operate with systems in addition to what the usual quartz watches have. So, you have mechanisms in place to take care of distinct functions of the chronograph watch.

Titan’s Collection of Chronograph Watches

1) Octane Collection of Chronograph Watches for Men

These chronograph watches for men are a perfect blend of power, grandeur, and high performance. If you want a classy accessory to complete your outfit for the evening party you are heading to, we will highly recommend you go for this. You can choose from the wide range of coloured dials and different straps for your octane watch. There is the sophisticated leather strap and on the other hand, there is the laid-back and suave appeal of the stainless-steel strap. Depending on the occasion, choose your strap wisely and proclaim to the world that you are a man of high tastes.

2) The Grandmaster Collection of Chronograph Watches

True to its name, the chronograph watches of this collection exude an astoundingly amazing and regal grandeur. These watches have been designed with the highest level of skill and inspiring dedication. To command these watches is to say that you recognize and believe in supreme excellence.

If the dazzling grandeur of this collection impressed you, then Titan has more in store for you on their official website. This was just supposed to be a teasing glimpse. There are more special treats on the official Titan website, waiting to be discovered. Check them out, now!


1) What makes chronograph watches different from ordinary watches?

Chronograph watches employ the same mechanism as the average Quartz watch but in addition to that, they have more complex systems to provide a precise measurement of time. If you buy from Titan, you can get chronograph watches that can measure up to 1/10th of a second. This is how accurate the measurements of the automatic chronograph watches can be.

2) Do chronograph watches have a stopwatch?

In the layman’s language, yes. Some chronograph watches have in-built stopwatches, considering that you can stop, reset, and then start the watch again.

3) Are chronograph watches useful in the modern age?

Definitely. You can measure time if you are going out on runs. A chronograph watch can come in handy anywhere where you need a very precise time measurement.

4) What all chronograph watches can I buy at Titan?

You can check the dazzling Grandmaster as well as the Octane collection of chronograph watches from Titan. There are more and for that, you need to view the official Titan website.

5) Do these chronograph watches have water resistance?

Yes. Different watches have different water resistance, but you can be assured that they can withstand the rain that comes out of nowhere. You can rest easy on your commute.

6) Are there any women’s chronograph watches?

Yes, of course. Chronograph watches can easily be easily misinterpreted as watches specifically designed for men. Given the masculine grandeur the watches exude, the target audience for the watches seems to be gentlemen. However, that is not the case. Titan believes in gifting a treat to everyone. So, visit the official website and you will find the perfect women’s chronograph watch for you.

7) Will a black chronograph watch look classy on me?

A black chronograph watch will enhance the classy element of your personality.

8) Do chronograph watches make for a great valentine’s gift?

We would say it does. You are gifting your beloved symbolizes just how skilled and resolute humans can be. And this kind of excellence is so much that it becomes almost inspiring.

9) Why should I care about what kind of watches I buy? I can easily see the time on my phone.

That is true. However, a striking timepiece conveys more than just time. It portrays you as a person who takes delicate care when it comes to perfecting your image. It communicates to the world that you are a person who keeps inspiring standards for excellence and success. How you dress up affects how you are perceived by others. It is for this reason you see classy men like James Bond and Don Draper (from Mad Men) sport grand watches.

10) Does Titan provide a reasonable chronograph watch price?

Titan does have a chronograph watch price that is somewhat reasonable and more on the expensive side. Given the skill and effort that goes into these watches, they are a bit more expensive than the usual watches. However, we would suggest that you do not worry about the price as it is an expenditure that is worth bearing.

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