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Pendulum Wall Clocks 3 items
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Get Pendulum Wall Clocks To Enrich Your Space with a Touch of Vintage

Have you ever spent hours before a vintage grandfather clock in your ancestral home, watching the pendulum swing from one side to another? Undoubtedly, it brings a sense of unusual peace and calm to our minds thinking about the rich legacy of our grandparents as we listen to the tick-tock sound. But do you also want to own one of those vintage grandfather clocks to feel that vintage charm in your space all the time? If yes, look no further than Titan to get those pendulum wall clocks for your space. A wooden wall clock with pendulums is designed so that you would love to glance at it all the time. Even the pendulum wall clock with sound is available at Titan. Thanks to the innovations, modern pendulum clocks are also available in various types and embellishments for you to pick for your home space decor.

Handcrafted using high-quality wood, the movement in these pendulum wall clocks is built to last. These pendulum wall clocks with sound can be proudly displayed in any space - home or office. Pendulum wall clocks are an elegant investment and can be a characteristic feature in your living room. Each modern pendulum clock has a sense of refined impression with its antique layout. Look no further than Titan. You can find on our Titan website the most exclusive collection of extravagant pendulum wall clocks that can enrich the ambience of your space. From handcrafted options to vintage treasures ready to be embraced, pendulum wall clocks are timeless classics that offer a touch of legacy.

Pendulum wall clocks are one of the classic and sophisticated home décor items with a special place against the walls. It will only help eliminate the old brittle timepieces and give way to the durable modern pendulum clock of striking colours and tones. The wooden wall clock with pendulum at Titan is no less than a work of art. You get to cast a spell on your walls with distinct tones and unique designs. The pendulum wall clock with sound at Titan comes in different sizes and is made to suit the diverse moods of your home décor. Modern pendulum clocks are made to match the tone of your existing home décor. With pendulum wall clocks on a wall, any wall can be transformed into an essential piece of art. It would be best if you got a pendulum wall clock to flaunt it as a statement piece in your living area.

Deck up your Walls with Pendulum Wall Clocks for Your Living Space

Time is the deciding factor in our daily, fast-paced life. Without realizing it, we have become habituated to scheduling every task at a certain hour or time. Be it our early morning routine, favourite TV show, workout session or office meetings. Therefore, wall clocks are still important today despite the prevalent use of smartphones. Not only do wall clocks display time, but they also help us schedule and keep our daily lives in order. To stretch it further, showcasing pendulum wall clocks from the days when our grandparents were in full prime has also become a style statement. Wooden wall clocks with pendulums are beautiful additions to your walls. As the world's most attractive timekeepers, pendulum wall clocks, to date, are valued by art collectors for their decorative worth. The intricate design of pendulum wall clocks features timeless craftsmanship and design so elaborate that it has won over many art lovers worldwide.

Types of Pendulum Wall Clocks You Can Buy

Having comprehended their historical pertinence and thoughtful attraction, let us probe how the décor of your room can be improved with some attention-grabbing pendulum wall clocks. But before proceeding further, let us understand that pendulum wall clocks are not about old-school style and designs alone. For instance, some pendulum wall clocks feature mirrors to catch your attention. You may, therefore, find several contemporary designs that can be teamed up with your home décor. In addition, you can find several beautiful-looking pendulum wall clocks made from wood. Besides, you can choose between abstract, geometric, animal, bird, oval, and rectangular-shaped clocks in textured and solid designs. So, regardless of the colours on your wall, you are sure to find an appropriate choice for your personal space.

Tips to Select Pendulum Wall Clocks for Your Space

Pendulum wall clocks are not just about performance and functionality. They are about having an aesthetic appeal. Hence, check out the following tips to select the right pendulum wall clock for your space.

• Quirky and contemporary, rectangular pendulum wall clocks make for an eye-catching addition to your decor. You can place wooden wall clocks in your professional space for a refined look, especially if you prefer minimalist interior décor.

• If you like conventional designs, a brown-coloured, handmade geometric-shaped wooden wall clock with a pendulum would be perfect for your living area. Ideal for the peaceful countryside surroundings, it would match flawlessly with the vibe of your space.

• You can also keep white-coloured symmetrical-shaped pendulum wall clocks in your intimate spaces. When you choose handcrafted pendulum wall clocks, you are sure to make a statement with their intricate structure that can add a vintage touch to your bedroom.

• To make a classy statement, you can choose modern white and gold-toned ornamental pendulum wall clocks. It will complement pastel-coloured walls and fetch you tons of praise from your guests.

Get Pendulum Wall Clocks from Titan

Pendulum wall clocks will always remain in vogue thanks to their timeless appeal. So, pick a timepiece from our comprehensive wooden wall clock with pendulum range.

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1. What are pendulum wall clocks?

Pendulum wall clocks have a pendulum that keeps swinging to and fro and a timekeeping feature. The pendulum keeps swinging in a particular time gap. Pendulum wall clocks are mostly known as grandfather clocks or antique clocks. Pendulum wall clocks are usually kept in the living room and are great home decor pieces that can also be gifted to friends and family at various events.

2. Who invented the pendulum clock?

A 17th-century Dutch astronomer named Christiaan Huygens invented the first pendulum clock.

3. Can you buy pendulum wall clocks online?

Yes, you can. On the Titan website, you will discover a fabulous collection of pendulum wall clocks made with diverse kinds of textiles and techniques for a home office adorned with stylish decor.

4. Are antique pendulum wall clocks good?

The antique pendulum wall clocks demonstrate that craftsmanship like this is here to stay.

5. Where should a wall clock be kept in a room?

You must connect the wall clock at or above eye level, regardless of the space.

6. Are pendulum wall clocks a great gifting options?

Pendulum wall clocks can be an incredibly valuable gifting option when you like to share something considered well thought of. In addition, the combination makes it more pleasing to pick something that the recipient will respect well. Therefore, they serve as exceptional gifts for close friends and families.

7. What kind of pendulum wall clocks should I buy?

It depends on your preference and taste. Titan has a wide spectrum of pendulum wall clocks, from minimalist to flamboyant. If you like to keep it minimal, you can go for the minimalist collection. If you like it otherwise, pick from our luxurious collection of pendulum wall clocks.

8. What kind of pendulum wall clock will look good in my living space?

Again, it depends upon you. You can stick to the simple wall clock for a simple display of time. However, if you need something more elaborate, you can opt for a vintage, modern and premium wall clock to embellish your living space.

9. Why does my pendulum keep stopping?

There is no single reason it does, except that the case of the clock leans at a slightly different angle than it did at its former location.

10. Do you provide large-sized pendulum wall clocks?

Yes, we do. You can check it out on the Titan website.

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