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Titan Wooden Shelf Clock White Dial with Silent Sweep Technology


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Titan Wall Clock

Selecting a wall clock with a unique design, whether vintage and ornate or modern and sleek, alters this functional object into a stunning art piece. The wall clock designs of today are often a throwback of yester years when art designs transcended the functionality of telling time.

Furthermore, a wall clock for home sets your personal stamp to an interior scheme and makes it special for you. In the modern home, a wall clock plays a vital role by adding to the décor of home interiors and bring in pizzas to the empty walls. A well-decorated room is going to make a long-lasting impression on everyone.

At Titan Watches, we offer a comprehensive collection of wall clocks that will amp up your home décor. You can easily filter your choices for a more refined experience according to price, discounts, and more. We always strive to provide our customers with the best services, especially when shopping for unique wall clocks.

Amp Up Your Home Decor with the Best Wall Clock

There are different types of wall clocks to choose from- bizarre clocks to classic timepieces, contemporary ones to the vintage designs, oversized clocks to abstract and symbolic ones- the variety is endless. Whether it adds a palette of different colours, a dash of fantasy, or provides the room with a stylish focal point, a wall clock is a must-have accessory for the modern home.
We have created a list of different ways by which you can amp up your home décor with the best wall clock:

• Use a Vintage Timepiece Against a Subtle Colour Scheme

A stylish metallic wall clock for bedroom with over-sized Roman numerals adds a vintage touch to your contemporary bedroom. In black metal set against a subtle white wall, the contrast is exquisite and makes for a beautiful focal point for the decor.

• Merge Ethnic Accents with Modern Style

Are you planning to do a makeover of a wall in your room? Well, a gorgeous timepiece is sufficient enough to match the décor for an entire wall. Opt for a wood finish; the wall clock will perfectly match well with the wooden interiors of your modern yet sophisticated home. The latticework partition and wall art are the Indian counterpart of this modern look. The hand-embroidered cushion covers and lampshade will lend a rustic charm and grace to this attractive setup.

• Create a Comforting Niche by Framing Your Timepiece

Treat your wall clock as a piece of art and add a frame to make it stand out. Create a niche with a canopy and a wooden framework to house a wall clock and comfortable seating beneath. It is a chic idea to incorporate a stylish wall clock in your room.

• Mount a Wall Clock on the Textured Wall

A lovely and big wall clock for home on a textured wall is all the wall décor you may require. You can go for a large vintage-style wall clock with Roman numerals that sits majestically upon the textured wall. It's a messy chich look which will be a perfect choice for a modern home.

• Match your Wall Clock with Decorative Keepsakes

You don't have to buy expensive art pieces to make your room look great. Pairing a good-looking wall clock for room with quirky and fun decorative pieces is a great idea to make your room look lively. You can style your vintage bedroom with a wall clock, interesting shelves, and a fascinating collection of unusual objects that is more than enough to adorn a plain white wall.

Buy Wall Clock Online

A wall clock is the ultimate accessory that offers the perfect touch to a bare wall, and you can easily substitute them for a painting or mirror. Whether you are looking for a classic and vintage style timepiece or something that is chic and sophisticated, Titan Watches has it all. With the growth of the online market, you can now avail thousands of product options.
You can buy wall clock online and benefit in many ways, including endless options, value for money, the convenience of time, exciting discounts, and offers. So, choose from a comprehensive range of options and get ready to elevate your home décor with a stunning yet elegant timepiece.

Collection of Wall Clocks

At Titan Watches, we understand that a wall clock is an essential accessory for your home. The kind of timepieces you choose for your home interiors determine the taste of luxury that you have for your home décor. From metallic to minimal, you can shop for the different types of wall clocks that will compliment your home interiors gracefully.
So here is a list of the wall clocks that you need to know about:

• Metallic Wall Clock

A metallic wall clock is precisely designed to match your minimalist walls and lend a continental look and feel to your home.

Artistic Wall Clock

These wall clocks will raise the aesthetics of your room and bring out the hidden artist inside you.

Slim Wall Clock

This range of wall clock covers different types of sleek wall clocks, which is carefully designed to suit your classy home décor and crafted to perfection with utmost precision.

• Wooden Wall Clock

One thing that sets a wooden wall clock apart from the other types of wall clocks is the natural finesse and raw beauty that a wooden wall clock carries, and it cannot be matched. At Titan, you can shop from the premium collection of wooden wall clocks to add to the beauty of your home.

• Minimal Wall Clock

Minimal and crisp designs will accentuate the classy feel of your living room and bedroom. A minimal wall clock is known for its classy appeal and designs, which will leave a lasting impression.

Buy the Best Wall Clock Online

At Titan Watches, we make sincere efforts and ensure that there is transparency in pricing while you shop for the best wall clock online. With exciting offers and discounts on our online store, you can be assured of affordable pricing according to your budget. You can even filter the wall clock in the category of your suitable price range to get the best deal. Shopping online for the best wall clocks gives you the freedom to shop without any time constraint.
Are you still feeling confused about why you should purchase a wall clock online?

• Online Shopping is Convenient

Well, convenience is the biggest perk! Shop from the comfort of your home. While shopping for a wall clock online gives you an opportunity to shop 24/7.

• Offers Variety of Options

While shopping for a wall clock online, you can browse through thousands of options online, which is physically not possible to do.

• It Helps in Saving Money

Online shopping is one of the ideal ways of saving money. You can avail of great deals and offers on wall clocks online, which is not primarily applicable in stores.

• Simple Exchange/Return Policies

With online shopping, the process of exchange and returns is easier than ever before. You simply have to send an online request for exchange/return on the retailer's website, and your order will be collected from your address. For better understanding, it is advisable to go through the policy guidelines thoroughly.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wall Clock for Home

With Indian markets flooded with the different types of wall clocks for your home, sometimes it can be pretty confusing to choose the best wall clock amongst so many options.
To ease your confusion so that you can make an informed choice, we have created a list of factors that you need to consider while shopping for a wall clock online:

• The Size of the Room

One of the essential factors to consider while shopping for a wall clock is that you should know about your room dimensions. The wall clock should be such that it will attract the attention of the people in the room.

• The Design of the Clock

Be extremely careful with the design of the wall clock that you are looking for. With too many designs, people might feel puzzled, and it becomes challenging to make a suitable choice. You should go for simple wall clocks that are clearly visible and aesthetically pleasing. Too much texture or designs can impact the time visibility.

• The Brand

The essence of the brand or the company of the wall clock should be on the top of your priority list. At Titan Watches, you can shop from the latest collection of wall clocks and amplify your home décor. A collection that is visually appealing for every wall and every home. You can shop from a wide range of premium wall clocks that will lend a charismatic look to your home.

Wall Clock – FAQs

1. Which Wall Clock is Best for a Living Room?

At Titan Watches, we offer you a comprehensive range of wall clocks that are carefully designed for your home. Contemporary Blue Wall Clock Clock by Titan will make a perfect addition to your living room. The clock is enclosed in a dark blue case, complemented by a light-blue dial with numbers blending into the dial.

2. Are the Wall Clocks You Sell 100% Authentic?

When shopping for a wall clock from the official website of Titan watches, which is a product of TATA, one of India's leading watch brands that brought international styling to India with its exquisite watch collections, you can be 100% sure of the product's authenticity whether you buy it online or offline.

3. What is your exchange/return policy?

If you're not happy and satisfied with your choice, you can easily exchange the product online. In the case of product return, you can only do so if the product is not used and is in its original packing, along with the invoice for a refund. For more details, you can visit our official Titan watches online store.

4. Is Titan Watches an Affordable Brand?

The Titan Watches offers a comprehensive range of watches to cater to the specific needs of every individual. At Titan Watches, you can shop for wall clocks, starting from INR 995.

5. What are the payment modes available?

There are different types of payment options available for shopping at Titan watches online. For domestic orders, you can pay from your debit/credit card, international cards, net banking, or even cash on delivery. If you're not comfortable making payments through online modes, COD is an excellent alternative. For international orders, you can pay through the PayPal payment gateway.

6. How to choose a good Wall Clock?

With Indian markets flooded with the different varieties of wall clocks for your home, sometimes it can be pretty confusing to choose the best wall clock amongst so many options. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider while shopping for a wall clock for your home. Some of the factors have been mentioned below:

• The Wall Clock Design

With too many designs, it becomes challenging to make a suitable choice. You should go for simple wall clocks that are clearly visible and aesthetically pleasing.

• The Brand Name Matters

Titan offers to you the latest and the best collection of wall clocks. A collection that is appalling for every corner of your home. Our wall clocks add to the beauty of your home. A clock is one of the best wall décor objects & we offer one for every room in your home. Buying a wall clock has never been easy, but we want to lessen your burden on choosing this beautiful wall décor item with our collection of wall clocks.

7. What are the Benefits of a Wall Clock?

Besides telling the time, a wall clock for home offers the following benefits:

• A wall clock can give style and personality to any room.

• A wall clock is easy to repair, especially vintage wall clocks. You can quickly get them serviced and repaired by a professional technician, thereby adding to the overall appeal.

• Every home and its wall reflects the style quotient of the residents. Amping up your home interiors with a designer wall clock that blends well with the colour of the wall will significantly enhance your style quotient, and it will feature your style statement.

• When shopping online for a wall clock, you will find that there is a range of different wall clocks that can match your lobby and need. They can be antique, wooden, attached with a photo frame, metallic, and can have graffiti on the clock dial. You can buy it as per your choice and uplift your mood by collecting great wall clocks.

8. What is a Cancellation Policy?

A cancellation policy can be defined as an order that can be cancelled only before it is shipped to the destination. You can track your order online to check the same. Once you send the cancellation request, the refund process will begin via the same payment mode you chose. You can check our website for more details.

9. Are Titan wall clocks affordable?

At Titan watches, we make sure there is something for every budget. You can filter your options on the website according to the price range you want.

10. How Can I Check My Order?

You can easily find your orders in my order section on our account page. You can also ask for help from a dedicated team of customer support via call or chat. You will be updated on your registered mobile number along with the tracking details of your order once it has been dispatched.

11. What Makes Titan Watches the Best?

Titan Watches offers excellent quality and thousands of stylish and designer watches and wall clocks. With a strong reputation in the market, the brand provides transparency in pricing and hassle-free online orders and delivery.

12. Are Titan Wall Clocks of Good Quality?

Yes, Titan's wall clocks are of an excellent quality that focuses primarily on modern design and functionality.

13. What Makes Titan Watches One of the Best Brands in the Indian Market?

Titan Company is the world's 5th largest wrist watch manufacturer and India's leading producer of watches. They export watches to over 32 countries around the world. The watch division boasts of over 440 exclusive showrooms across 120 different cities. The division has a world-class design studio that constantly invents new trends in wristwatches and wall clocks.

14. What is special about Titan Wall Clocks?

Titan wall clocks are known for their robust quality made with top grade materials, silent sweep mechanism and precise styling. You can choose from both modern and classic designs according to your home décor online. When you buy a Titan wall clock, you know that it will last you a lifetime. So, choose a wall clock that fits the vibe of your place and get ready to receive endless compliments.

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