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Metal Strap Watches For Women 1,378 items
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Titan Quartz Analog Blue Dial Metal Strap Watch for Women


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Women's Watch
₹ 12,685 ₹ 25,370 50% off
Sonata Poze Quartz Analog White Dial Metal Strap Watch for Women


Titan Raga Rose Gold Dial Watch for Women


Poze by Sonata Quartz Analog Blue Dial Metal Strap Watch for Women


Titan Raga Delight Pink Dial Analog Metal Strap watch for Women


Titan Raga Viva Silver Dial Analog Metal Strap watch for Women


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Flaunt a Suave Appeal with Metal Strap Watches

If you are thinking of doing a complete makeover for yourself or giving your friend one, you will greatly benefit from a metal material. Be it the metal-framed aviator glasses, the shining metal buckled belt, or the metal strap watches, there’s no denying that metal has an almost debonair appeal. It lends you a certain tough-guy vibe and enhances your cool, and laidback persona. So, let us understand more about the metal strap watches available at Titan.

Metal Strap Watches: When and How Did They Become Popular?

During the initial years of the 20th century, leather strap watches commanded huge prominence. This was because of their long-lasting, durable nature. They were so durable that soldiers wore them during World War I. In addition to this, the leather strap gave its wearer a certain fashionable appeal. It made them look classy and elegant.

However, during the 1950s, metal strap watches entered the market and quickly made their presence felt in the competitive market. One factor which helped these metal strap watches to achieve this kind of feat was airline pilots. International flights became increasingly popular during the 1950s and pilots came to be considered cool and suave. Anything they wore became a style statement. So, it is no surprise that when these pilots sported metal strap watches, they got popular with the masses as well.

Soon enough, these metal strap watches were being used by all kinds of different professionals. You could see it on professional speed racers. You could see the professional divers wearing them. With such professionals wearing these metal strap watches, they earned the reputation of being suave and luxurious. To own a steel strap watch was to say to the rest of the world that you had a life that most only dream of living.

Now, in 2022, these metal strap watches still carry that debonair flair with themselves. Their magnetic appeal is so influential that there are metal strap watches for women as well as metal strap watches for men.

Metal Strap Watches: What makes It So Special?

We have told you the interesting history of these metal strap watches but you still might be unsure if these watches are for you or not. We understand. Buying a watch is an important decision.
So, we give you the following reasons to buy a steel strap watch:

1) Metal Strap Watches Require Low-Effort Maintenance

Unlike leather strap watches that must be kept away from sweat, dust, water, and overexposure to the sun, the metal strap watches don’t have to be worried much about. There would be no problem with sweat or dust getting absorbed into these watches. Nor would there be any issue of the straps degrading because of water and sunlight. You can wear it on any occasion, anywhere, and anytime.

2) Metal Strap Watches Are Fashionable

If you are someone who is concerned about their persona, you know how each and every contributing factor is important. Be it your clothes or your watches, everything matters. And with watches, there cannot be a better option than metal strap watches. They have a devilish bad-boy charm. They ooze that laidback and suave vibe, making you look like someone who owns the world. You would probably be making a mistake if you chose to overlook the metal strap watches now. So, buy metal strap watches for men. Or if your girlfriend/wife is looking for a makeover, surprise her with metal strap watches for women.

3) Metal Strap Watches are Fit for All Purposes

During the 1950s, it was the pilots wearing these metal strap watches. Later on, professional racing drivers wore them. Then after them, it could be seen strapped on the hands of professional divers. So many different professionals wore them, all because metal strap watches are fit for all kinds of purposes. They are tough and durable to withstand all kinds of extreme and rough wear. And now, with the changing times, there’s even a metal strap smartwatch. The metal strap smartwatch will present a host of interesting facilities.

By listing these special characteristics, we hope you are excited to explore the entire range of metal strap watches on the Titan website.


1) Are metal strap watches better than leather strap watches?

In a way, yes. Leather strap watches absorb sweat and dust a lot. Over time, this can affect the quality of the straps. In addition to this, leather straps can also degrade if they are left underwater or out in the sun for too long. In contrast to all of this, metal strap watches require very minimal effort in maintenance. You will not have to worry about your sweat being absorbed. Nor do you have to worry about your watch being damaged by the water or the sun.

2) I am thinking of buying a watch. Is a steel strap watch a good option to consider?

We would say it is. Steel strap watch has a lot of benefits over other watches. First and foremost, it is durable. You can wear it every day and put it through some extremely rough situations, but it would still tolerate all of that. Secondly, you would not have to worry about your sweat seeping into your watch. That’s the most common problem with leather strap watches. And lastly, a steel strap watch will greatly enhance your style quotient.

3) Would metal strap watches make for a suitable gift?

They would make for a stunning gift. We would suggest that you visit the Titan website and pick the right steel strap watch as a gift.

4) I am not sure which colour of these metal strap watches I should go with. Can you help me?

If you are looking to sport a classy and sophisticated look, you can pick black or white. If you want something unusually attractive, you can pick the blue dial with the gleaming white metal straps. There are diverse options available on the Titan website. You should go through it and see which one looks striking.

5) I want to buy metal strap watches for my girlfriend. Are these meant for women?

Yes. You can find them on the Titan website.

6) Why is Titan a reliable brand for metal strap watches?

We make watches of the highest quality and that too, for everyone ranging from affordable to luxurious.

7) Can I be assured of a warranty for these watches?

You will be provided one on purchase.

8) I ordered the wrong pair of metal strap watches. I need to cancel it. Can I do it?

Yes. You can. It is recommended you get in touch with the support team and go ahead with the cancellation process.

9) What all factors do I need to consider before buying metal strap watches?

Be careful about the colour of your watch strap. It should go along well with the colour of your dial and the overall watch. On top of this, also do make sure that the material of the strap is stainless steel.

10) Are the metal strap watches fit for sports?

We would answer that in the affirmative. They can be worn when engaging in sports.

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