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Titan Quartz Analog Silver Dial Leather Strap Watch for Men


Men's Watch
₹ 23,995 ₹ 29,995 20% off
Titan Quartz Analog Black Dial Leather Strap Watch for Men


Men's Watch
₹ 17,595 ₹ 21,995 20% off
Titan Quartz Analog Silver Dial Leather Strap Watch for Men


Men's Watch
₹ 12,795 ₹ 15,995 20% off
Titan Yellow Dial Stainless Steel Strap watch for Men


Men's Watch
₹ 7,190 ₹ 11,980 40% off
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The analogue edge watch weighs just 36g approximately with a thin Unravelling The Philosophy of Minimalistic Design

The slimmest watch in history was inspired by minimalism. They are sleek, elegant, and are highly functional accessories. But the slimmest watches are much more than just timepieces that help you keep track of time. Apart from being a harmonious synthesis of functionality and design, watches express your personality and personal style quotient. No matter what you wear, slim watches for men and women compliment your style and can be worn on any occasion regardless of who you are. In a room full of men and women wearing complex gadget-like devices, the slimmest watch does what these gadget-like timepieces are never able to do, that is, to stand out effortlessly.

If you believe in collecting classic accessories such as edge watches, or love sporting the latest trends, then your sartorial search must stop here because the best slim watches will bring out an element of sensuality in your personality.

Uber-chic Contemporary Slim Watches for Ladies

While there are plenty of timepieces you can opt for, there are timepieces, such as the ultra-slim ones you will find your soul gravitating towards. The influencer inside you would automatically get drawn toward the best slim watches for ladies that highlights and showcases your beautiful hands. While trends come and go, certain styles remain evergreen, and others fade into obscurity. The trend of wearing the slimmest watch, however, has remained timeless. It has continued to remain relevant and is the ultimate choice for office going women. A slim women's watch makes you look smart and professional. If you love wearing different accessories every day, you already know the importance of the slimmest watch. Women love to adorn their wrists with elegant sleek watches embellished with contemporary designs.

Sporting The Edge Ceramic Watch

Titan has become synonymous with elegance and innovative design style in close to four decades of existence. Among the range of watches it offers, the Edge line-up features stunningly slim dials thinner than the straps. Launched in 2002, the Edge brand has come up with an Edge ceramic watchEdge ceramic watch, Edge mechanical watch, and more, and still leads the way in offering the slimmest edge watch. Add the perfect finishing to your appearance with the slimmest watch from Titan's Edge Ceramic watch collection. The innovative ideation and exceptional design of the Edge timepieces make them emblematic of superior quality and timeless elegance.

Titan Edge Ceramic Watch Collection with a Difference

From Titanium to ceramic, various materials are used in the casing design of watches, yet they manage to achieve an incredible thickness of 3.5 to 4.5mm. The analogue edge watch weighs just 36g approximately with a thin 1.15mm quartz movement. The ceramic edge watches have a minimalistic yet elegant design and are so light that you may forget you have a wristwatch on your hand.

As a result of years of research, the Edge watch collection offers an incredible range of materials, styles, and straps. Titanium, Silver, Stainless Steel, and Ceramic Dials synthesized with different strap materials let you choose the slimmest watch complimenting your style. Most watches that the Edge collection offers come with sapphire-crested bottom and top, with partially exposed dials. These 36g dials come in a range of sizes - round dials, dual dials, large rectangular dials - letting you choose the best edge watch appealing to your sense of panache.

Edge Ceramic Watch for Every Occasion

Watches have the potential to play the deal maker or deal breaker for your attire - but our assortment of edge watches have something to gratify every wardrobe requirement. The slimmest edge ceramic watch and the edge mechanical watch was designed to accentuate the intricacies of the ceramic material. The iconic edge watch exemplifies a technological marvel and expertise in precision and elegant styling.

Enjoy the perfect marriage of innovative technology and fine craftsmanship with elegant multi-functional edge watches in your wardrobe. Browse through our products online and handpick the slimmest watch that best suits your style and adds a dash of sophistication to your look.


1. What is so special about the Titan Edge watch?

The Titan Edge is unique because its movements are 1.15 mm slim. They are water-resistant up to 30 metres and have a battery life, double the life of an ordinary battery. The sheer ingenuity with which an Edge watch is put together is worth appreciating, which is why Titan is taking its unique creation to the Guinness Book of World records soon.

2. Isn't the Titan Edge ceramic watch too fragile?

Titan is an Indian watch which Indians are quite proud of and appreciative of. Being the slimmest watch, the Titan Edge ceramic range can be mistaken for being too fragile but, they are, on the contrary, quite durable. Apart from Edge, you can also check out their collections, such as Grandmaster, Octane, Raga, Nebula, Xylys, and more unique pieces of engineering.

3. Is Titan Edge the slimmest watch?

Yes, Titan Edge has been launched as the slimmest ceramic watch. By designing the watch with a thickness of 4.4mm, the impossible has been achieved. The thin film is the true reflection of the special qualities of the Titan Edge collection, accentuating the intricacies of the ceramic material.

4. What is an Edge ceramic watch made of?

An Edge ceramic watch is made through scientific firing and synthetic glazing materials such as silicium, yttrium, aluminium, carbide, and zirconium. It is more durable than conventional materials.

5. How do you set the time on a Titan Edge watch?

To change or set the time, all you need to do is pull the crown out to position '2', as it allows you to position the watch hands for time selection. Rotate the crown clockwise until the desired time is set. Once you set the time, push the crown back to position '0'.

6. What is mechanical watch movement?

Instead of a battery, a mechanical movement utilizes kinetic energy to power the watch. In order to do this, automatic watch movements make use of metal weights, also called rotors. They spin freely within the watch each time you move your wrist. This motion is transformed into energy, winding the mainspring automatically.

7. Does a mechanical watch have a battery?

Mechanical watches do not require a battery. Instead, they have a mainspring that is used for powering them. The mainspring then powers a balancing wheel which oscillates about four times every second. They must be manually wound regularly by the person wearing them.

8. Why are mechanical watches so expensive?

Mechanical watches are so expensive because of the nature of their movements. The production of mechanical movements is at the cutting-edge of advanced technology. Mechanical movements are manufactured with meticulous care, making them expensive.

9. Do ceramic watches scratch or break easily?

While ceramic dishes can certainly scratch or break easily, the ceramic edge watch, unless tempered with, won't break easily. The ceramic used to engineer the watch is scratch-resistant, implying that the bezel will always have a 'brand-new' appearance. Since ceramic also belongs to the hardest classes of materials, the engineering of the material is also tough, so it is not easy to scratch. All our Edge watches are designed to last.

10. When was the slimmest Edge watch officially launched?

The Titan Edge has crafted some of the slimmest watches the world has ever seen and launched their range officially in 2002. Titan's brand story comes alive due to its rich legacy of crafting exquisite timepieces over a span of 37 years and culminating into an edgy horological marvel.

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