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Sonata RPM Blue Dial Leather Strap Watch for Men


Men's Watch
$12.43 $15.54 20% off
Sonata Quartz Analog Stainless Steel Strap Watch for Men


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For people seeking effortless class, sophistication, and luxury, a stylish watch is worth the investment. A timeless watch project prestige, confidence, and class. So, if you're planning to add a new watch to your collection, you must shop for top branded watches from a reputable watch shop. At Titan, we offer a wide collection of authentic branded watches all under one roof. You can filter your choices for a better experience according to price, discounts, gender, brand, function, and more. We always strive to provide our customers with the best service possible when it comes to shopping for tasteful watches.

Buy Watches Online

A watch is an accessory that showcases your personality once you find the perfect match. Whether you're after a classic and timeless design or something that is edgy and funky, Titan Watches has it all. With the expansion of the online market, you can now avail thousands of product options in just a few clicks. From classic vintage models to the latest high-functioning smartwatches, you can have the world on your wrist.
Buying watches online can give you a lot of benefits, including endless options, value for money, the convenience of time, offers, and discounts. So, choose from a myriad of options and get ready to receive compliments wherever you go.

Get the Best Watch Price Online

At Titan, we ensure that there is transparency in pricing while you shop for watches online. With great deals and offers available on our online store, you can be sure of affordable pricing according to your budget. You can even filter the products in the bracket of your suitable price range to get the best deal. Shopping for watches from an online store gives you the freedom to choose without any time constraint.

• Variety of watches available

You can view and browse through thousands of watches online, which almost impossible to do physically.

• You can save money

Online shopping is a great way to save on your precious money. You can avail of great deals and offers on watches online, which is not always applicable in store.

• Easy exchange/return policies

Online shopping has made the process of exchange and returns easier than ever. You just need to send an exchange/return request online on the retailer's website, and your order will be collected from your address. However, before doing so, make sure to get through the policy guidelines for better understanding.

• Doorstep service available

Unlike regular shopping, online shopping gets your stuff delivered to your doorstep. No matter the product, you just have to place an order from your smartphone or laptop.

Top Branded Watches for Men and Women

Today, the fashion world has evolved, and there is no just 'for men' or 'for women.' Unisex trends are topping the charts, be it clothing. Men and women are both breaking the usual fashion norms and experimenting with all kinds of accessories. And watches are no exception. If you too want to step out of your comfort zone, you can now go for ultra-stylish branded watches from Titan. From Tommy Hilfiger to Cerruti Watches, you can choose from a variety of top international brands online.
Here are some of the top brands available at Titan watches:

• Fastrack

Fastrack is the brand of the youth. One of Titan's own products, Fastrack watches, aims to complement millennial's active lifestyle and trends. From smartwatches to analog watches, you can find a variety of styles and designs online on our website.

• Sonata

A bold and contemporary product of TATA, to Sonata watches accentuate every outfit with their classic designs. Affordable and durable, Sonata watches can fit every budget and wardrobe with ease. Their range perfectly combines fashion and function. You can also check out the Sonata Stride smartwatches to get the best of both worlds.

• Xylys

An exclusive brand of Swiss watches by Titan, Xylys represents uniqueness in designs with its range of aesthetically pleasing timepieces. Reasonably priced with over 100 ergonomically designed models, you can take your pick online.

• Nebula

The exclusive and luxurious watch collection from Titan – Nebula comprises a variety of 18k solid gold jewellery watches. With over 100 thoughtfully blended watch designs, Nebula brings together the rich Indian heritage and fine watchmaking craftsmanship.

• Zoop

Choose from a wide variety of kids watches that are fun, durable and bold. From superhero-themed watches for boys to Disney princess watches for girls, surprise your kids with cool new watches!

International Brands

• Kenneth Cole

The famous American watch brand, Kenneth Cole, offers fashionable and casual quality timepieces. From the classic silver dial to colourful variants, you can choose from a range of watches online at Titan's official website.

• Tommy Hilfiger

Who isn't familiar with Tommy Hilfiger? With a watch range that goes from simple to designer, Tommy Hilfiger watches are a class apart and popular since they began. You can find a plethora of options online, both for men and women. When it's Tommy Hilfiger, you do not have to worry about quality and style.

• Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper watches' collection can be described as suave and chic. With stylish designs and durable quality, Lee Cooper offers wristwatches that are worth every penny of yours. Opt for these watches for an impactful casual look. Choose from the latest range available online at Titan Watches.

• Anne Klein

A popular brand in women's fashion, Anne Klein is known for its elegant and feminine watch designs. This brand aims to depict how women live and creates timepieces that match their lifestyle and choices.

• Coach

Coach watches are authentic in design, elegant and beautiful. Their watches are Swiss made by Movado. Available in a host of designs and colours, visit our website for more information.

• Police

Launched in 2003, Police watches appeals to the masses and offers haute couture timepieces. From casual street style to formal workwear watches, you can get it all. Pick your best fit from our official website and avail of great deals and offers.

• Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton is a popular internation watch brand for women known to offer beautiful bejewelled florals, elegant abstracts and more such detailed designs. The brand stands true to its fashion legacy and offers authentic designs online.

Types of Watches

If you are a watch enthusiast, you know that not all watches are the same. Watches are not as simple as they look. Every watch model has a different set of features, and you will realize that different watches have different things to offer.
So, here is a list of types of watches you must know:

• Analog Watches

Analog watches have a 12-hour miniature clock face, an hour hand, and a minute hand. However, few analog watches have a second hand, too. There are analog watches with standard numerals and analog watches with Roman numerals. Most analog watches have a mark of 60 minutes per hour.

• smartwatches

Currently, one of the most popular types of watches is smartwatches. All top international brands are expanding their range and venturing into the world of smartwatches. Be it Fastrack, Sonata or Titan. A smartwatches is a wearable gadget intended to be worn on the wrist, much like a conventional watch. Smartwatches, though, such as smartphones, have touchscreens, help applications, and monitor heart rate and other vital signs to keep a watch on your health and fitness.

• Automatic Watches

With the advancement of new technology, particularly the rotor, the self-winding watches arrived. These "automatic" ones wind up with the kinetic energy of one's own wrist; that is, you didn't have to take the time to wind them manually. An automatic watch is a watch that continues to function due to the wearer's wrist's normal movement. The energy stored in the automatic wristwatch will hold an unworn watch going for 24 to 48 hours.

• Chronograph Watches

A chronograph is just a fancy term for "stopwatch" This is a regular watch with a complication of the stopwatch. The standard style for these watches is to have two additional smaller dials designed to keep track of the time from when you start the stopwatch before you stop it. Only click the start/stop button on the watch side to start or stop the stopwatch; press the bottom button to reset to zero. The chronograph feature on the Chrono watch dials allows you to watch time races and activities.

• Quartz Watches

Quartz watches do not rely on highly complicated mechanical parts to work. They are operated by an electronic oscillator, which is controlled by the vibrations of a quartz crystal in order to function. They were popularized in the 1980s, and today most of the world's watches have a quartz mechanism. Quartz watches are often referred to as electrical watches.

• Dress Watch

A dress watch is intended to accompany a gentleman on formal occasions and complement a suit and tie. If it's a corporate lunch, a fancy date, or a wedding, dress watches are classy, sophisticated, and right to the point. No fancy complexities or roles, just a simple style. They are usually somewhat smaller timepieces, and in the past, they used to be between 34 and 38 mm in height.

• Hybrid Watches

This is the form that incorporates the first two forms from the word itself. At first glance, it looks like an analog watches with an hour, a minute, and a second hand. Yet hybrid watches offer a lot more on their LCD screen. Many people enjoy the traditional look of an analog face mixed with the digital functionality of applications, alerts, and other features that smartwatches offer. Some digitally time on the LCD, whereas hybrid watches have fitness trackers, can also be attached to a smartphone, and other features available in popular smartwatches.

• Casual Watches

Similar to clothing pieces, casual watches are the most traditional style watches. They're not majestic or bold accessories. Rather, casual watches are made for daily use and for those who just want a watch to look at the time. As such, they're the most inexpensive and maybe the best option as a present, particularly if you're not really familiar with the person you want to watch.

• Fashion Watches

Fashion watches are mainly offered by those brands that are well-known for their reputation in the fashion world rather than watchmaking expertise. They are solely for accessorizing purpose and do not offer many functions or features.

• Luxury Watches

Luxury is a way of style. Some people who are fond of watches must know that there is something about luxury watches that are not found in any other types of watches. They may be a bit on the expensive side; however, luxury watches are high-end and carefully crafted watches for watch enthusiasts.

• Workwear Watches

Workwear watches are for your everyday office looks and help you make a strong impact. They can escalate your workwear and make you look more professional. The right workwear watch can do wonders to your overall look. So, choose from our range of Titan workwear and get ready to shine!

• Payment Watches

Titan launched India's first-ever payment watch range for men and women -Titan Pay. It enables you to make contactless, fast and hassle-free payment straight from your wrist. It carries a safe and certified payment chip that allows you to make payments through the YONO app.

• Couple Watches

Couple watches have surely become a style statement. In today's time of modern romances, you can gift your loved ones a pair of couple watches and see them smile. You can choose from a variety of designs from Titan's official website.

Watches – FAQs

1. Which watch is suitable for professional use?

You can get a lot of options while searching for a watch for professional use. Brands like Kenneth Cole, Anne Klien, and Tommy Hilfiger are some of the top choices you can go for while looking for workwear accessories. You can also shop from the exclusive Titan workwear collection to find yourself some of the most stylish designs for office looks.

2. Are the watches you sell 100% authentic?

Titan watches, a product of TATA, is one of India's leading watch brands that brought international styling to India with its exquisite watch collections. Apart from our own brands like Zoop, Fastrack and more, we also offer top international brands like Police, Tommy Hilfiger, Anne Klein, and more. You can be 100% sure of the product's authenticity whether you buy it online or offline.

3. What is your exchange/return policy?

If you're not happy with your choice, you can easily exchange the product online. In the case of product return, you can only do so if the product is unused and in its original packing, along with the invoice for a refund. For more details, you can visit our official Titan website -

4. Are smartwatches expensive?

Smartwatches are the new-age accessories that enable you to take care of yourselves in a better manner. Smartwatches are worth every penny spent as they are practically a smartwatches but on your wrist. Easy to carry, fashionable, and above all functional, smartwatches are available from a variety of brands and in different price ranges. You can easily find the one that fits your budget and needs. You can adjust the price filter for an easy shopping experience at Titan watches.

5. What are the payment modes available?

There are a variety of payment options available for shopping at Titan watches online. For domestic orders, you can pay from your debit/credit card, international cards, net banking, or even cash on delivery. If you're not comfortable making payments through online modes, COD is an excellent alternative. For international orders, you can pay through the PayPal payment gateway. You can also opt for the EMI option through credit cards or cardless EMI.

6. How to choose a good smartwatch?

With a number of brands offering smartwatches today, it can be hard to pick the best one. However, you can consider a few crucial things while shopping for a smartwatches. First, determine the purpose of buying the smartwatches. For instance, some buy it just for the looks, while others might want to focus on fitness tracking. The other essential aspect is to check its compatibility with your smartwatches.

7. Are couple watches available at Titan?

Yes, at Titan Watches, you can shop for gorgeous and trendy couple watches online. We offer a wide collection of couple watches that can be a memorable gift for your loved ones.

8. What is the cancellation policy?

An order can be cancelled only before it is shipped to the destination. You can always track your order online to check the same. Once you send the cancellation request, the refund process will begin via the same payment mode you chose. You can check our website for more details.

9. Are Titan watches affordable?

At Titan watches, we make sure there is something for every budget. You can filter your options on the website according to the price range you want.

10. Can I buy new watch straps from Titan?

Yes, you can shop for different watch straps from Titan's website. It enables you to get a new look every day that goes with your outfit and mood.

11. Are there sports wristwatches available at Titan's online store?

Yes, you can get a variety of good looking and durable sports wristwatches at Titan's online store. You can go for top international brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Police watches.

12. What Makes Titan Watches the best?

At Titan Watches, we offer excellent quality and a range of stylish and designer watches. With a strong reputation in the market and the trust of TATA, we provide transparency in pricing, 24X7 customer service and hassle-free online orders and delivery.

13. What to look for while buying a watch?

When shopping for watches for men and women, you need to keep in mind your style preference along with your budget and use. You can choose from a variety of brands available at Titan watches' official website. If you're looking for a casual watch, then Tommy Hilfiger or Police watches are the brands to go for. Whereas, if you want a more formal or professional watch for workwear, opt for Sonata or Titan watches.

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