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Contemporary Wall Clocks 34 items
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Titan Contemporary Blue Table Clock


Table clock
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Titan Contemporary Peach Table Clock


Table clock
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Get Modern Wall Clocks Online to Reinvent Time

As one of the most aged innovations of humans, modern design wall clocks remain pertinent for their function and performance while simultaneously moving beyond contemporary times. They have taken up the position of a component that exists to overhaul and elevate your home décor. As a result, modern wall clocks online have a renewed role of giving your room a stable, minimalistic yet functional look.

As a beautiful embellishment, modern design wall clocks make your home look more welcoming while radiating positive vibes and energy. Modern wall clocks online are not mere timekeepers or time-telling devices. They are also indispensable pieces of modern décor that add to the extraordinary essence, charm, and cosiness of your space. Not just the living space alone, the contemporary wall clocks add more than the eye can see to your kitchen, balcony, patio, bedroom, or any other space you choose to keep them. Therefore, you must explore Titan's range of contemporary clocks that help you embellish your space with stunningly innovative modern design wall clocks. You can pick from diverse types of modern wall clocks online - analogue, a blend of analogue and digital, or purely digital.

Further, if you have a thing for old-fashioned times and love the retro-styled decor, then the traditional-looking, analogue contemporary clocks are the best option. Analogue modern wall clocks have a classic appeal that comes in various designs, dials, colours, frames, shapes and more. What more can you possibly desire to decorate your wall with?

Types of Modern Wall Clocks Online That Stay Chic Over Time

It can be a tedious process if you are looking for modern wall clocks online. It is because you want them to look chic, sophisticated, old-school, and modern - all at the same time - while they elevate the interiors of your comfortable living space or bedroom. While getting a mix of panache and performance can be challenging, Titan has got you covered. We take design innovation seriously and come up with design that strikes that perfect balance between fashion and function to inspire edgy, minimalistic designs and suitable for your taste. These days we have modern wall clocks online designed for separate spaces, such as contemporary wall clocks for homes, modern design wall clocks for offices, and more. But before getting initiated into the process of buying, you must quickly glance at the different types of modern wall clocks online that are likely to give your room a chic and sophisticated appearance.

• Digital Wall Clocks

In a growingly progressive digital world, you will find options galore for modern digital clocks when looking for modern wall clocks online for your home. Digital clocks are dapper, practical, and exceptional for office spaces as they get noticed and offer a certain amount of visibility. Nonetheless, some digital contemporary clocks are quintessential pieces for your home. You can probably, upload your selected pictures so it will not just display time but also double up as a picture frame. Additionally, modern wall clocks online, such as digital clocks, are also outstanding for kitchens as they can be cleaned and maintained in an easy and hassle-free manner.

• Photo Clocks

You can lend your wall an individual touch with modern wall clocks online with the provision to occasionally adjust the face on the photo clocks. This is a brilliant way to give each photograph a chance to be on the forefront while accentuating the sense of memorable moments and using them in your home décor. You can also opt for a distinct theme or colour palette to look consistent and cohesive in your selected photographs.

• Antique Wall Clocks

While having unusual artefacts for home decor is commonplace, the essence that antique-cum-modern wall clocks online can bring to your space is incomparable and unprecedented. If modern wall clocks online with an antique look are introduced into a well-appointed room, your space will get transformed in an enriching way almost instantaneously. Modern wall clocks online that feature antiquity and vintage vibes can be placed along decorative planters, unusually attractive fountains, and plants to decorate that cosy nook where you can find comfort.

• Analog Wall Clocks

Analog modern wall clocks online are a widespread choice for most homes because of their range of designs. However, if you like to make your presence felt through the styles you emulate, you can choose big-sized analog modern design wall clocks to cover the maximum space possible on the entire wall. This will particularly add an element of drama to your space. Titan offers multiple designs you can pick from and add a bold element of home decor to your space for that modern look.

On the contrary, if you are not too fond of big-sized clocks, you can opt for an eclectic element in the shapes and sizes of your choice. Besides, if you intend to develop a picture wall for your space, you can choose modern wall clocks online with picture frames and incorporate them effortlessly with the design on the wall. Finally, if you admire wall clocks with an ultra-modern touch, you must explore our website for modern wall clocks online.

• Pendulum Wall Clocks

Pendulum wall clocks are unquestionably traditional, but they do have a space of their own when it comes to modern aesthetics. If you are looking for modern wall clocks online, you cannot completely overlook the evergreen aesthetics a pendulum wall clock holds. It is here to stay, indisputably.

You are bound to find what you are looking for in the list mentioned above of modern wall clocks online. But what you end up buying depends on the price of modern wall clocks online, your budget and what your sense of aesthetics really permits you to buy. So, your purchasing choice depends on your budget, the modern wall clock online price, and your sense of aesthetics. So, find the perfect modern wall clocks online for your home and order them today.

• Buy Modern Wall Clocks Online

Since you must elevate your home decor time and again, a dash of modern decor doesn't hurt. So, check out modern wall clocks online to explore the vibrant and colourful designs to bring your space to life. Once you get hold of what you seek, accentuate your home decor with plants, aromatic candles, books, and colourful furniture to add character to your space.


1. At what height should I hang the contemporary wall clocks?

While you decorate your space, you must take care of the height at which you place your contemporary wall clocks. So, any height is good as long as it is at par with your eye level.

2. Is there any preferred direction to hang modern design wall clocks?

Well, not necessarily. But the eastern side is considered best for hanging a clock. Alternatively, you can place them on the northern side as well.

3. What kind of modern wall clocks online are ideal?

It really depends on the specific theme and decor of your space. Whatever you like is ideal.

4. Are there any preferred brands for choosing modern wall clocks online?

Yes, Titan is the bestselling brand when it comes to choosing modern wall clocks online.

5. Are modern wall clocks online worth gifting?

Of course. Modern wall clocks online can be considered a well-thought-of gift-worthy option. It is a win-win if it is well-liked by the person receiving it.

6. How big should a contemporary clock be?

Modern wall clocks online can be as big as your space and your budget can afford. But you must consider the space size, decor, and theme before deciding the size.

7. What are the different varieties of modern wall clocks online that I can choose?

You can choose solid, textured, printed, traditional, quirky, abstract, floral, or any other variety from the options galore at the Titan store or website.

8. Is there a designated space to put modern wall clocks online?

No. You can place them anywhere in the house, considering they should be within the range of visibility.

9. Is there a specific way to maintain modern wall clocks online?

None, really. All you need to do is hang them at a place where they remain away from dust particles for the longest time possible. If it is not possible to do so, ensure that you regularly keep the dust particles off them.

10. How should I hang a large-sized contemporary wall clock?

To hang a large-sized contemporary wall clock, you need to start with the basics. First, you need to drill a hole into the wall and ensure it is in proportion to the size of the nails that will hold them to the wall for the longest time possible. After that, you must hammer them well to secure the modern wall clocks online, and that will be all.

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