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Make the Right Move with Grand Master Watch

Grand master watches are handsome timepieces that echo the game of chess - a resounding triumph born of forbearance and the application of wisdom and dexterity. It is the dream of every watch collector. The watches in the Grand master collection ensure the highest preciseness, quality, performance, and attention to detail. Be it precision or finesse, the watches in the Grand master series are designed to deliver nothing but the best. As one of the most promising and leading brands, we at Titan design Grand master watch pieces to offer you the ultimate experience. Made with premium materials powered by complex and advanced movements, we at Titan have a wide range of Grand master collections to offer to those who appreciate genuine craftsmanship.

About The Collection

The game of chess, its traditions and its aesthetics are what the Grand master Collection is inspired by and is a majestic testament to genuine artisanship. As a result, you will find multiple elements of the game finding expression in the designs of the Grand master watch pieces, be it the essence of timekeeping or the strategic moves of the game. The incorporation of authentic marble makes each of the Grand master watch pieces one of a kind. In addition, the use of Anthracite brown colour adds to the boldness and grandeur of each piece. The Grand master collection comprises ten unique timepieces, including the Chronograph, Multifunction and Automatic features. The watch dials and the cases are crafted with the use of a fine-tuning process that was historically used to craft marble-made Chess pieces. Especially the King and the Queen inspire the indices at the 12th hour. The Skeletal dial, with the mechanical heart, makes it a true, timeless piece Grand master watch collection.


The Grand master watch pieces of Titan are trusted owing to our watchmaking quality, expert craftsmanship and excellence. In addition, we manufacture Grand master watches with water-resistant and scratch-resistant materials, making them lightweight and durable. Of course, every watch we produce goes through stringent quality lab tests before finding a place on the shelves of our stores. As a result, Grand master watch pieces offer technical precision and style with impressive performance and are known for their ability to last.


Titan's Grand master watch pieces are available in different ranges that are perfect for different moods and occasions. They are ideal for everyday wear. Grand master series watches are an amalgamation of craftsmanship, high accuracy and aesthetics that go perfectly well with formal ensembles as well. The Grand master watch pieces for men and women work on manual-winding and automatic-winding mechanisms. In addition, they come with a power reserve to ensure that they never stop working and are highly effective for synchronization.


With the stringent tests the Grand master watch pieces undergo, you can trust the movement and rely on it completely for timekeeping. In addition, the watches have shock-absorbing capabilities that support the materials inside the watch from any physical shock or impact.


The look of the Grand master watch pieces convinces us of their unique appearance and movement. You can observe the elegant components of the watch through the crystal transparent dials and delicate patterns carefully assembled by experienced watch experts.

Feel and Refinement

When it comes to touch, the watches from the Grand master series give a sophisticated sensation thanks to the solidly clicking crown in distinct positions. This makes the manual winding effortless and offers smooth sweeping of the second hand on the dial.

Add Grandeur to Ensembles with the Finesse of Grand Master Watch Pieces

Perfection does not exist, but Titan Grand master watches do. Besides, it is also in the eyes of the beholder that makes the Grand master collection by Titan a touchy-feely affair by adding a perfect finishing touch to your look. The Grand master collection watches are safeguarded by a mineral glass and sports quartz movement complemented by tang buckle closures to ensure they are secured well on your wrist. In addition, the genuine leather straps in different hues elevate the look of these timepieces from the Grand master collection. A perfect upgrade for any occasion, these Grand master watches exude an authentic vibe to your ensemble. Such is the beauty that anyone can get infectiously addicted to these fine Grand master watch pieces. Our devotion, passion and enthusiasm for fine craftsmanship are such that it makes the hearts of Grand master watch collectors beat fast. With so much beauty and high quality, you should stop by your nearby Titan store and look at the sparkling Grand master watch collection. Alternatively, you can also look up the collection online.


1. What is a Grand master watch?

The Grandmaster watch is the most complicated, elegant, and sophisticated wristwatch ever made. It brags twenty complications, two independent dials, 6 patented innovations and a reversible case. But unfortunately, the development, manufacturing and assemblage process takes up to an alarming 100,000 hours.

2. Should I deem Black colour when selecting Grand master watch pieces?

Absolutely. Black has a secretive and fierce vibe that no shade or hue can deliver. With the qualities black manifests, a black watch is consistently an unassailable option when glimpsing for dapper watches for men or women. You can prefer a black-coloured Grand master watch without thinking much. Anytime.

3. Is Titan Grandmaster automatic?

Effortlessly integrating classiness and functionality, watches from the Grandmaster collection by Titan are a perfect pick for those looking for refinement and sophistication. Operated by a full skeletal Japanese automatic movement and shielded by a mineral glass, the watches from the Grand master collection are truly a masterpiece.

4. Is Titan a reliable brand?

Absolutely, without suspicion, Titan is a trustworthy and dependable brand and has been in watchmaking for years. This is because of the outstanding grade of fashionable watches for men and women they produce. Further, the graceful Grand master watches by Titan have reinvented the wheel of quality. Titan stands for excellence in the watchmaking industry. So, while glimpsing through the wide array of elite watches for men and women, reflect and consider dedicated and loyal brands such as Titan.

5. Can stylish Grand master watch pieces be regarded for gifting?

Yes, chic Grand master watch pieces for men and women can be wonderful for gifting, especially if the receiver is a fashion enthusiast and is likely to celebrate your present in the most gracious way possible. This is because Titan's array of Grand master watch pieces is incredibly fine-looking, and pledges elevated performance. Therefore, there are more motivations to regard them for gifting than not.

6. Why should I buy Grand master watch pieces men from Titan?

If you are mindful of your style, you must watch out for accessories such as stylish Grand master watch pieces for men. They are the jewels in your fashion crown. After all, you want to dodge drawing attention for false reasons. Or else, you might jeopardize your fashion style, and it might get eclipsed with the not-so-grand watches. And, no other dependable brand, such as Titan, can engineer fashion watches, such as Grand master watch pieces, that elevate your sass factor.

7. What shades should I skim out for when selecting contemporary watches for men and women?

It is personal. Picking the colour is truly a personal activity. Consequently, it really rivets upon your sense of fashion that you want to opt for. For example, suppose you desire contemporary, fine, and graceful watches for men and women that convey a cultivated and cosmopolitan look. In that case, you can always choose stylish black watches for men and women. On the other hand, if you want something unorthodox and unconventional, you can opt for textured or floral-patterned fashion watches. You can also check out Grand master watch pieces for yourself.

8. Does Grand master watch pieces from Titan offer a warranty on its products?

Whether dapper watches for men, women and children or magnificent Grand master watch pieces for watch collectors, Titan offers a definite warranty to assure that the buyers get the best product experience.

9. Is there a word of caution before getting a Grand master watch piece for myself?

Yes. Consider the designs, movement, material, functions, and strap design before buying them. The extraordinary focus is because all these factors play a significant role in holistically determining how your watch appears after the final purchase and how long it lasts. Lastly, it would be best if you considered the Grand master price range since it must also suit your pocket.

10. Why should I buy Grand master watch pieces if I have a contemporary smartphone to check time?

Well. The Grand master watch pieces are meant for those who love collecting watches, but they can also be worn by someone who loves to flaunt them every day. Besides, smartwatches can never really be a substitute for classic, traditional watches like those from the Grand master watch collection. Instead, it is meant for people who value watchmaking for its craftsmanship, art, and expertise.

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