Encircle is Titan’s Unified Loyalty program which allows members to earn & redeem points across all Titan brand stores & at www.titan.co.in. Every customer who shops at any of the following Titan showrooms & www.titan.co.in becomes an encircle member - Tanishq, Goldplus, MIA, Zoya, World of Titan,Fastrack, Helios,Titan Eyeplus.

Membership is voluntary and open to all Indian citizens. The Titan Encircle membership is only for individual use and not for corporate purchases. The Titan Encircle membership is non-transferable.

Offline enrollment: Every customer who shops at any of the following Titan showrooms becomes an encircle member - Tanishq, Goldplus, MIA, Zoya, World of Titan,Fastrack, Helios,Titan Eyeplus. Customer mobile number will be queried in POSS for his membership status & if customer is already a member then he will be billed with the existing encircle number, if not customer will be assigned with a membership number.


E-comm enrollment: Any customer who transacts at www.titan.co.in will become a encircle member provided he opts for the membership. Customer selects a product & while checking out he will mention his mobile# for final billing, mobile# will be verified for membership status & an OTP will be triggered for validation purpose. Upon successful validation of OTP, membership number will be allocated or displayed automatically. For any future transactions customer can use the same membership Id. Customer will be identified through mobile# in www.titan.co.in

After selecting the desired product, customer will prepare for checkout. While checking out customer has to provide the mobile# & at the back end mobile# number will be queried for membership status. If customer is already a member then he/she will have to update his encircle number, if he is not sure about the number then he can query his encircle registered mobile# at www.fastrack.in & system will throw the membership# mapped to registered mobile#

Offline Redemption: While making purchases at Tanishq, Goldplus, Zoya, MIA, World of Titan, Fastrack, Helios & Titan Eye plus outlets across India, provide registered mobile number to the cashier before final billing to redeem points. Available points can be redeemed at the will of customer at store. OTP is must to redeem points at store as well as online. Points will be credited only when membership number is provided while billing or check out.

Online Redemption: Encircle redemption is applicable only for login/sign users. After the OTP verification the user can reedem available encircle points.


OTP is must for all redemptions irrespective of number of points being redeemed.

OTP will be triggered automatically to the encircle registered mobile# when point redemption is initiated, if the OTP is not received within 2 minutes, then customer can follow steps:

1. Customer will have to call IVR number 080-45300005 from their encircle registered mobile#

2. Customer will be given options to choose what type of OTP he needs

a. Option (1) will give him redemption OTP

3. Once customer select (1) then customer registered mobile# & OTP type(option1) will be passed on to CRM at the backend

4. CRM will pass on the redemption OTP to IVR system

5. OTP is passed on to Customer via IVR system

Customer need to call 1800-108-4826 to update his Latest Mobile#, after few validation questions from call center executive, mobile# will be updated in CRM if the customer answers are satisfying.

Yes, Points earned in store or online can be redeemed at store as well as online & vice-versa.

When customer transacts at www.titan.co.in, earned points will start reflecting in their encircle account within 15 days from transaction.

When goods are returned/transactions cancelled, Points debiting will be done based on the points earned as per the customer’s transacted tier not on the lowest tier.

Each mobile# will have only one membership number assigned to it however if there is a multiple card assigned to one mobile# then customer need to call up 1800-108-4826 to merge his cards to one card. All his points will be transferred to active card & customer can start earning & burning of points through this card. All existing encircle customers who are transacting online has to validate their mobile number in their first log in after integration.

Earned encircle points are valid for two years from the date of earning, customer can redeem points with in that period otherwise points will expire on the set date. Customers will be reminded on various occasions on the expiry of points.

Customer can check his points balance by logging in to www.titanencircle.com or he can call on encircle IVR number “080-45300005“ & follow instructions to know his points balance.

Encircle Membership is valid for lifetime, customer do not have option to deactivate membership. Even If customer is coming back to us after log gap then also he will be recognized with same old membership number provided customer is using the encircle registered mobile number.

Points are calculated on following criteria:

*Points earned for every Rs. 1000 spent

Tiers Plain Gold Jewelery Studded Jewelery Watches, Eyewears Accessories
SILVER 3 Pts 6 Pts 10 Pts
GOLD 5 Pts 14 Pts 20 Pts
PLATINUM 7 Pts 20 Pts 30 Pts

1 Point = 1 Rupee

Upgrade/Downgrade of Tiers will be based on cumulative points earned by the member in a period of 24 months from the date of enrollment or last Upgrade/Downgrade date. Member has to maintain the threshold points in 24 months from the date of Tier upgrade to retain tier, he will be downgrade to one level if criteria not met.(Please refer points slabs required to maintain tier).

Encircle points CAN be earned for the following:

- Bank offer
- Employee discount

Encircle points CANNOT be earned for the following:

- Coupon discount
- Special coupon
- Coupon discount + Bank offer
- Product discount
- Product discount + Coupon discount
- Product discount + Bank offer
- Product discount + Employee discount
- Product discount + Coupon discount
- Bank offer + Employee discount

Purchase of gold coins/bars & Gift cards are excluded from Titan Encircle program. Customers cannot redeem their Titan Encircle points for the purchase of gold coins/bars & Gift cards.