Titan Watches

Fitness Tracker

  • Track each step you take, and the distance covered daily.

  • Keep a tab on the calories burnt.

  • Huddle with your fitness buddies – set common fitness goals, nudge them (and get nudged) to hit the goals, and high-five on completion.

Stay connected, stay fit with Titan WE.

Titan Watches

Safety First

  • Spread your safety net – stay connected with your well-wishers at all times.

  • Send out SOS messages discretely with the press of a button – your network will be alerted about your location, and information about the people who can reach you the fastest.

Titan Watches

Thinking About You

  • Expressing emotions made easy – just hit that button!

  • Let that special person know you’re thinking about them.

  • Share your location for a unique experience.

Titan WE, helping you nurture meaningful connections.

Titan Watches

Phone Finder

  • Not just people, We connects you to your phone too!

  • If you’re one of those who can never remember where you left your phone, We is the watch for you. Find your phone with the press of a button, even when it’s on silent mode!

Titan WE, making your life simpler.

Titan Watches

Get Notified

  • Sync your phone – receive notifications on your wrist for every call and SMS you get with a sweet haptic response.

  • Titan WE – stay on top of things, stay connected smartly.

Crafted exclusively for women, Titan WE is here to shatter the myth that smart is not beautiful. It is smart like you. It is beautiful like you

Titan watches

Titan WE Steel & Leather

A timeless white dial set in a stunning silver bezel, with a textured brown leather strap that adds a touch of casual elegance to your OOTD. Great for office wear!

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Titan Watches

Titan WE Rose Gold & Leather

A stylish, black monochrome dial, set in a rose gold bezel, with a textured black leather strap to up your game – transition easily from a day-to-night look, and turn heads wherever you go!

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Titan Watches

Titan WE Swarovski & Leather

Classic white dial, with a Swarovski-studded, rose gold bezel, complemented by a textured white leather strap – this watch is good for the evenings when you need to bring out the big guns!

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Good things are waiting to happen – just download the Titan We app on your phone.
  • Safety Alarm + Network

    Alert your SOS network with a discrete button

  • Phone Finder

    Find your phone, even when it's on silent mode

  • Fitness Tracker

    Every step you take, every move you make, the app will have it covered!

  • Thinking About You

    Let that someone special know he/she is on your mind