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Xylys Quartz Chronograph White Dial Metal Strap Watch for Men


Men's Watch
₹ 21,600 ₹ 36,000 40% off
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Premium Watches: Elegant Timepieces for Everyone

Are you bored of wearing the same timepiece on your wrist for years? Have you been yearning to own a sophisticated watch that represents your sense of style, taste, and character? Well, now is the time.

Watches are accessories that most people wear daily, which is why it is important to invest in a watch that is efficient and comfortable at the same time. Premium watches from the Xylys collection at Titan are what you need to upgrade the way you appear before the world. Whether your style is casual, classic, or minimal, Xylys Swiss watches are there for all your fashionable needs.

As an exclusive brand of Swiss-made watches brought home by Titan, Xylys watches are aesthetically and ergonomically designed. Xylys watches are designed to be unconventional, innovative, and imbibed with a spirit of freedom and a sense of purpose. The Xylys range of premium watches is available in three collections: Classic, Sport, and Contemporary offering over 100 distinctive models.

What Sets These Premium Watches Apart?

When we hear or read about premium watches, the first thought that comes to our mind is - what makes people spend so much on premium watches? And true as it is, these premium watches, at times, cost more than a piece of precious jewellery. But the main difference between a consumer watch and a premium watch remains, that is, its craftsmanship. For instance, Xylys automatic watches are often made with fine metals such as gold, silver, or embellished with precious stones. The technology and thought that goes into designing a premium watch are usually far superior to the thought and technology that goes into making an everyday-wear consumer watch.

Xylys Watches for Women & Xylys Mens Watches

While watches are categorized into analog, digital, and hybrid models, every occasion demands a different type of timepiece. Therefore, Premium watches such as the Xylys mens watches are equipped well enough to handle a wide variety of purposes. Xylys Swiss-made watches have a piece of Muonionalusta meteorite in the sub-dial of the watches in the entire range, which gives them an exotic and mystifying touch.

In addition to this, these watches have an in-built Swiss-made chronograph. This assures you of the accuracy of the highest degree. However, the chronograph does not mean the watches are limited to one purpose only. You will find many dazzling pieces in this collection that have a chronograph with several other functions.

If you are concerned that Titan has only such offerings for men, then you must know that Titan offers fabulous carbon fiber and ceramic Xylys ladies watches too. These timepieces mostly come embellished with rare, precious metals and gems and other engravings with elegant designs, giving you a super-refined appeal.

Xylys Watches: The Premium Watches for Men and Women

Buying a premium watch is a unique form of indulgence. The perfect premium watch always brings in an element of freedom and transformation. Swiss watchmakers have crafted premium watches through generations, intending to keep them close to the first-ever design and incorporate the best functionalities to honour the modern generation. It speaks a lot about an age-old tradition being innovated through skills and determination.

Premium watches encompass the best of everything, with their exquisite grandeur and extraordinary quality, that sets them apart from the rest of the regular watches. These watches function as a feather in the crown for some of us, while some treat it as a mark of prestige or a way of life. Premium watches embody a profound sense of self-indulgence and speak a lot about your personality.

Now that you know what premium watches are about and why we associate so much respect and classiness with them, you must head to a Titan store to choose from a diverse range of premium watches. With your busy schedule, it might be challenging to purchase a watch from a store, which is why you can shop online and choose from a vast collection.

The Xylys watches not only give you a sense of refinement and class, but they also serve as the perfect accessory that elevates your wardrobe. Whether you indulge in your favourite outdoor activities or get ready for your next board meeting, premium timepieces from the Xylys collection have something for everybody. If you are seeking premium watches that are genuine and set you apart from others, then you need to head to check out the Titan website. We can assure you that you will find the right timekeeper to adorn your wrist.


1. What are the best premium watches to look out for in 2022?

To find the best premium watches in 2022, you must visit the Titan website. It offers a comprehensive collection of premium Swiss watches.

2. Which brand is best for premium watches for men and women?

If you want to check out premium watches, visit the Titan website and check out the collection of watches offering Xylys watches for women and Xylys mens watches. They are well-known premium watches.

3. What are premium Swiss watches?

Premium Swiss watches are manufactured with a remarkably higher manual effort. Watches manufactured in Europe, primarily Switzerland, count as premium watches as they use precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

4. Is it worth buying a premium watch?

If you are looking for a quality timepiece representing your finesse and refinement, then yes, a premium watch is worth it.

5. How much should I spend on my premium watch?

How much you set aside for a premium watch is entirely up to you. Check out the Titan website to find out the cost of each premium timepiece. Compare and analyze them to know how much you can spend on your premium watch.

6. What does a premium watch say about you?

A wristwatch reflects the character of the person wearing it. If you love Swiss watches, it is a powerful way to exude sophistry and confidence. A premium watch is an understated accessory that speaks volumes about your character.

7. Is Xylys a good premium watch collection?

Yes, of course. Xylys is a sophisticated premium watch collection by Titan.

8. Is Xylys a Swiss brand?

Xylys is a brand of Swiss-made watches designed to be unconventional, representing a spirit of freedom. It is a brand brought home by Titan.

9. Where are Xylys watches manufactured?

Xylys watches are manufactured in Switzerland. They are an ideal mix of modern technology, classic style, and Swiss precision.

10. What does the Swiss movement mean in the context of a premium watch?

A watch movement is considered Swiss if assembled in Switzerland, has a movement inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland, or has 50 percent of its components manufactured in Switzerland.

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