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Fastrack Reflex Rave Fx Smart Dial Silicone Strap for Unisex


Fastrack Reflex Vybe Blue: HD Health & Wellness Tracker


Unisex Watch
₹ 1,699 ₹ 4,995 66% off
Reflex Kruz Black 4.5 CM Smartwatch with BT Calling and Sports Modes


Fastrack Reflex Vybe Smart Watch with Grey Strap


Unisex Watch
₹ 1,699 ₹ 4,995 66% off
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Smart watches

To experience the best of online shopping, you must shop from the right place. And when it comes to buying Smart watches, Titan can be your next favourite online destination. Browse through the latest Smart watch collection online and get special offers. From Titan Smart's Connected to X Collection to TraQ and Fastrack wearables, you can find the perfect match in just a few clicks.

With the growing popularity of smart watches, the fashion-forward crowd is pairing it them up with all kinds of outfits. Be it formal, casual, ethnic or even beachwear. You never have to limit your sense of style!

Buy Smart Watches Online

Smart watches are indeed a thoughtful investment as well as a great gift. So, if you were planning on buying a Smart watch for yourself or your loved one, you are just in the right place. At Titan Watches, we offer all types of smart, hybrid,watches, hybrid watches and wearables. We, at Titan ensure transparent pricing and 100% authentic products.
There are a lot of reasons why buying a Smart watch online is a good idea. So, if you're still not sure of about online shopping, here are some of the benefits which you cannot ignore:

• You may get some deals and offers online which are not available in stores

• The online market is huge, and you can get even those models which are not easily available in stores

• When you buy from an online store, you can get a lot of variations in terms of colours, size and versions

• Online purchaseroducts ensures 100% authenticity and doorstep product delivery and return pickups.service

Smart watches for Men and Women

One of the best ways to amp up your look is to wear a wrist accessory. And what can be better than wearing a trendy smart watch?

These watches Smart watch es are usually unisex and look great no matter the occasion. Whether you plan to go on a date or just want to kill your Monday blues, a Smart watch is what you need!
Here are some of the big benefits of wearing Smart watches:

• They do more than just telling time

With the advent of smartphones, regular watches took a back seat. However, Smart watches have again made wrist accessories cool. It's like wearing and carrying your phone everywhere except on your wrist. Isn't that cool? Plus, they do far more than just telling time. Today, most smart watches have a heart rate monitor, long battery life, customizable watch faces, alarm, and what not!

• It pushes you to do more

Smart watches are a smart buy as it tracks your health and fitness. It, in turn, helps you keep up with your fitness goals and achieve more daily. It calculates your steps, calories, heart rate, pulse and more. One of the most significant benefits of wearing a smart watch is its wellness capabilities. Different smart watches have different features. The majority of them have fitness and wellness features such as tracking walking and running, health apps, tracking Most of them have fitness and wellness features such as tracking, walking and running, health apps, heart rate, sleep monitoring, and other sensor-related functions.

• It helps you stay connected

People today use their phones a lot, for example, to review emails or set up appointments between meetings and other business matters. It is now easier than ever to adhere to a rigid timetable.

You no longer need to pull your cell phone out of your pocket if you have a smart watch on your wrist. You can take calls and respond to messages when on the move. This is particularly helpful whether you're running or in a situation where holding a cell is just too inconvenient. You can see which mail is urgent and needs a reply and what can be ignored just through your smart watch, saving a lot of time.

• It makes you look effortlessly stylish

There is no denying that smart watches are a big style statement this season. What tops that is its intelligent features. Pair them with your casual jeans and tee or your formal workwear to accessorize your ensemble. If you're going on a vacation, a smart watch can be your travel buddy, as most Smart watches also have in-built GPS.

Collection of Smart Watches

Here are some of the Smart watches we offer at our online store:

• Titan Connected X

One of Titan's products, Titan Connected X, launched full-touch smart watches in India. Their range is available in 3 colour variants and offers multiple tech features. The smart watch has analogueanalog hands and a battery life of three days smart and thirty days analog on a single charge. This ensures that you never lose track of time. It also helps you to monitor your habits for the full span of 30 days, even after the smart battery has run out. The Smart watches under this collection boast features like – activity tracker, customizable watch faces, music and camera control, sleep tracking, weather updates and more.

• TraQ

Another product of Titan – TraQ is a smart fitness gear brand that offers features such as inbuilt GPS, heart rate monitoring and more. They are available in a variety of bright colours and is inspired by the youth of today. It tracks fitness and exercise routines such as biking, walking, running, swimming, and others. You can purchase TraQ smart watches via the Titan official web store as well as e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Tata Cliq.

• Fastrack Reflex

Gear up for some action with Fastrack's range of smart watches. They – they are cool, trendy and practical. Available in all fashionable colour combinations, you can browse through their our collection online at Titan watches. From steps and calorie counter counters to Whatsapp and SMS displaydisplays, you don't need to carry your smartphone anywhere when you have Fastrack Smart watches. You can also set up to five alarms to let your Smart watch wake you up in the morning, along with tracking your sleep pattern.

• Sonata Stride

Sonata Stride Hybrid Smart watches are the real deal. With stellar looks and high functionality, there is nothing more you could ask for. Available at an affordable range, you can choose from a variety of designs online. Pick your style and get ready to receive endless compliments. With its My Phone feature, losing your mobile is never an option. It helps you located locate your phone in just a few clicks.
Too good to be true, right? What's more? The sedentary alert present in these watches reminds you to move if you've been sitting for too long.

Especially suitable with workwear, pair these classic and elegant watches to make an effortless style statement!

Things to Look for in a Good Smart watch:

• Battery Life

While looking for a Smart watch online, getting a good and adequate battery life is a must. If your primary purpose of buying a Smart watch is to wear it regularly, then investing in a model that offers a good amount of battery is ideal.

• Cost

Yes, it is possible to get a Smart watch within your budget. You can explore different brands online and filter your options smartly. Make sure that you do not compromise on features smartwatchesthat we have to offer. have a lot to offer. From music control to onboard GPS and advanced fitness and communication features, you can get it all!

• Size and Style

You should also definitely care about the design and size of your Smart watch. As there are multiple brands out there that may confuse you, make sure to look for features that suit you best. You'll be wearing this Smart watch all day, so choose one that's not only the perfect size for your wrist but also in the shade you prefer. Check the case dimensions (which are normally in millimetres), and if you like trying out different looks, go for a Smart watch with interchangeable bands.

• Fitness/Health Features

Before investing in a Smart watch, you need to know whether you want it to be focused on fitness tracking or health. If you're into walking, running or swimming, then you must go for a fitness band.

• Touch or Physical Control

This is usually a personal preference, and you can choose whether you want a touchscreen-enabled Smart watch or a physical control one. Touchscreen Smart watches are easier to use and manage and offer more convenience over the latter.

Smart Watches– FAQs

1. How to get the best Smart watch?

The best Smart watch will technically do everything for you. However, for that, you need to research well online. Make a list of the features that are crucial for you, and look for options that provide you with the same within your budget. Also, it is better if you shop online as it gives you a wide variety and lets you compare.

2. Can we get Smart watches for women as well?

Yes, at Titan watches' official website, you can get Smart watches for both men and women. With the shifting fashion ideologies, there is no longer fixed gender accessories. There are also unisex designs that look good on everyone. So, pick your style and get ready to receive endless compliments.

3. Is having a Smart watch essential?

If you're into health and fitness or want to be more careful about your wellbeing, buying a Smart watch is ideal. We cannot say it's essential, but with its many features, Smart watches are a great value product.

4. How does a Smart watch work?

The Smart watch seems to be the result of an existential imperative, close to how the wristwatch knew it was becoming outdated and deliberately chose to adapt to tackle obsolescence. After all, with smartphones' complete societal conquest, the wristwatch's primary feature – telling time –was no longer strictly needed.
A smartphone is required to use a Smart watch. Download the software that comes with the Smart watch, such as Android Wear or Apple Watch, on your smartphone. You will synchronize the watch with your phone by opening the corresponding app on your mobile and turning on Bluetooth. Your devices are now connected, and alerts from your mobile will appear on the screen of your watch.

5. What are the advantages of using a Smart watch?

There are more than one benefits of using a Smart watch. Mostly all Smart watches let you check and receive your SMS and mail notifications. If you are professional health or sports fan, or even a casual one, a Smart watch with fitness monitoring capability will help you accomplish your objectives. It is really simple to stick to a training schedule as well as to measure your pulse rate.
Another plus of Smart watches is the ability to personalize your watch face. For typical watches, you're left with the same style for the rest of your life, which may be a positive thing if you like how it looks. The beauty of a Smart watch is that you can adjust the look every day if you like. Another bonus is the opportunity to use software straight from your Smart watch. They can have limited features due to the small screen size, but they still have the option of using your voice to monitor or at least open and shut them.

6. Does using a Smart watch make you fitter?

If you really want to become healthier, then using a Smart watch can help you stay on track. First, you need to set a goal and follow it strictly. A Smart watch will help you count your steps, calories, set alarms, play music and whatnot.

7. Where can I buy a good Smart watch?

The online market is huge. And buying a Smart watch is a big decision. You need to research, analyze and compare your options before you make a decision. So, buying it online is the ideal way. This helps you compare a wide variety of products in just a few clicks, unlike physically visiting stores. It is best to buy products like Smart watches from approved retailers that sell high-quality models. At Titan Websiteatches, we bring you a range of Smart watches from Sonata Stride, Fastrack, Titan Connected X and TraQ,. yYou can choose from different designs, and features and price range to get the best Smart watch for yourself.

8. Are Smart watches expensive?

Smart watches come in all ranges. You need to stick to your budget and find a Smart watch that ticks all your boxes. At Titan Watches, we have transparent pricing that allows you to compare different products easily. You can also filter your search by price to search better and more efficiently.

9. Are Smart watches water-resistant?

The majority of the current Smart watches are waterproof and can be used while swimming. They have a basic waterproof value of 5 ATM, which ensures they can be submerged for up to 50 meters. The manufacturers mention whether the Smart watch is suitable for use in a swimming pool or not.

10. How to check the compatibility of a Smart watch with my smartphone?

Purchasing a Smart watch, as purchasing a phone or watch, is based on a range of considerations, like what you will use it for, how much you can pay, and whether or not it would be consistent with your lifestyle and personal gadgets. Android-based Smart watches are compatible with Android and iOS smartphoness and iPhones. Unfortunately, Apple's iWWatch will not fit Android phones. Only iOS devices are supported.

11. Can I answer my calls through a Smart watch?

Making phone calls with your Smart watch is more realistic than it seems. The number of Smart watches that can make phone calls is surprisingly slim, but it is growing by the day. Standalone Smart watches are your best bet for making phone calls, and if that aspect is important to you, make sure to check before purchasing one.

12. How do Smart watches measure heart rate?

In recent years, technological advances have been rapidly incorporated into timepieces. From conventional analog watches, we now have Smart watches with more capabilities than ever before. Smart watches display your texts and other updates, track your steps and other habits, and even record your fitness, in addition to simply displaying the actual time (and date). But the question is, how do they measure all this? PPG-enabled Smart watches and activity trackers are distinguished by the green and red lights visible on the back of their cases. These LED lights are used in optical heart rate tracking to assess how much red or green light is detected on the wrist's skin.
The blood under the skin mainly reflects red light and absorbs green light. As a result, each pulse allows for more green light absorption; less green light absorption occurs during heartbeats.

13. Do all Smart watches have GPS?

Mostly all Smart watches have an in-built GPS mechanism that lets you track your steps, runs, and help you map out your routes efficiently. You would just need to look at your wrist instead of your phone screen when walking. It's difficult to get more relaxed because you escape the chances of it crashing to the ground or being lost in the crowd on a Saturday night.

14. Can Smart watches reply to texts?

As you know, the features differ from one Smart watch to another. Most Smart watches have the feature of receiving SMS and mail notifications, but very few have the facility to reply to those messages. So, before shopping for a Smart watch, make sure you enquire about all its features and uses to find the perfect match.

15. Is the health data accurate through Smart watches?

Smart watches began as a way to check messages and alerts without having to pull out your phone, but they'’ve evolved into so much more. When you wear a Smart watch, you are carrying an extension of your phone and a device that helps you monitor your health and wellbeing. As Smart watches sit on your wrist all day, they are able to track your heart rate, steps and more. It is advisable to buy a Smart watch only from reputable brandrands to make sure you get accurate health data.

16. How is sleep tracking possible in a Smart watch?

When you buy a good and branded Smart watch, it comes with the feature of sleep tracking. It detects the changes in your heart rate when you fall asleep and monitors your sleep level, like for how long you've been asleep or how often did you get up etc.

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