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Raga Alia Curation 162 items
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Titan Raga Viva Grey Dial Analog with Date Metal Strap watch for Women


Titan Raga X Masaba Mother Of Pearl Dial Women Watch With Metal Strap


Titan Raga Facets Gun Dial Analog Stainless Steel Strap Watch for Women


Titan Raga X Masaba Mother Of Pearl Dial Women Watch With Metal Strap


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Slay Your Look With Classy Raga Watches

Watch is one of the most fashionable accessories that gives you a bold and beautiful look. They are designed to wrap around the wristband, consisting of a dial and a strap. Earlier it was restricted to display time, date, and year. But now, with the change in trend and fashion, we have seen it more as a fashion quotient and a status symbol. It enhances the beauty of your hands and adds to your look. Pair any outfit with a timeless piece of the watch, and you are always good to go. Watches are stylish, lightweight, and easy to carry accessories that can go with literally anything.

Are you looking for something classic yet chic style that will upraise your look, boost your confidence, and add to your fashion statement? Do you also wish to take your fashion statement to another level? Look at raga watches that are beautifully designed especially for women. Raga typically defines individuality as the woman who believes in her femininity and makes it her power. Talking of different facets of raga reflects the young, independent, strong-headed women. The striking designs and the unique artistry of raga watches for women speak for themselves. Talking of its collection, there is a watch for your everyday mood and style.

A Perfect Fit for your Everyday Mood

There should be at least one watch for your everyday mood, and it's a must-have type in your collection. If you are a fan of watches, it is wise to invest in raga watches that suit every occasion or event. You are up for a lunch date with your girls or a formal event at your workplace; you have something that can go with any event.

The Crisp Date Night Watches

These raga watches are a perfect fit for date nights where you have got to impress the other person. Bold and beautiful designs that speak for your personality are worth every penny. Just like your outfit, you must pay attention to your accessories. Go for a timeless classic piece that will define your personality. You name the colour according to your mood; raga has it all. Go for a quirky design or an aesthetic piece according to your style.

Workplace Collection

Since raga was designed for independent women, its exclusive range of watches will also compliment your formal looks. Be it your office or any other workplace, there is one for your taste. A touch of luxury that will outshine your whole personality

What Makes the Raga Watches for Women Special?

For the first time in India, Titan industries launched a special collection only for women in 1992, with the motive of appealing to strong and beautiful women out there. It was meant for all of them, be it a homemaker or a working woman, or someone who wanted to make a balance between work and family. Keeping in mind the traditional and western attires with exquisite designs, they served as a very good gifting option for festivities, weddings, and birthdays.

Are you someone who wishes to blend in? Or wish to stand out? Decide your vibe and choose the best for yourself because the raga collection will not let you compensate when it comes to your style. They are uniquely designed with the utmost elegance and creativity. To reflect your personality, to boost up the inner feminine side of yours.

It allows you a lot of space when it comes to styling them. To give you that ultra-chic style or a badass vibe. With a wide variety of collections, it becomes a little confusing and difficult to choose but keeping in mind a few tips, you can always choose the best among the rest.

Tips to Choose the Best Raga Watch

If you want to keep the traditional vibe alive, choose a classic rose gold watch that will go with your mood. It is a timeless collection that never goes wrong. For a little change, if you are up for something minimalistic, go for a unique and elegant piece, not too flashy or blingy. For example, if you wear a black dress, choose a watch with a dark face and dark straps. For a casual edge to your looks, go for the stainless steel straps. The raga watches for women are evergreen and the most running choice among women. It can suit any of your looks, so go for a silver or rose gold if you go for neutrals, and if you love to be outshined, be daring with your choices as well.

Want a Touch of Luxury for Active Women?

Shop from the Titan raga watches for womens collection and elevate your style. Choose among a huge collection of everyday watches to timeless, elegant pieces. Of course, your wardrobe and lifestyle can also be the deciding factor. There is a wide range of raga watches varying in styles, from classic round dials to rectangular, square-shaped dials that suit your wrists.

Well, if you can't go a day without a watch or are obsessed with watches, you can never go wrong with the collection of Titan raga watches. It will make you drool over it because of its excellent quality and designs. Dial decorations are very much in trend; believe it or not, they are beautiful, ornated with pearls and jaw-dropping. With its leading name, the brand offers you a wide variety of raga watches for women at its stores and on its website.

A pro tip that comes with it is to look for a strap that comes with it and compliments your hands as well. If you have a warm tone, go for golden straps; if you have a cool complexion, go for silver straps. Check out the raga watch price and buy the one that suits your pocket.


1. Is investing in raga watches worth every penny?

Watches are an evergreen accessory for women who love to dress up and style their whole look with utmost elegance. They never let you compromise the quality, making it even more superior. So, the investment is worth every penny. It is a wise buy.

2. Is cancellation policy available at raga watches?

Yes, you can apply for cancellation only online when your shipment is dispatched.

3. Is the Titan raga collection too expensive?

Titan believes in offering affordable and budget-friendly collections as well. Although the range of watches can be as expensive, they have collections starting from a very minimal range of INR 1595. Thus, the raga watch price is set for all, and there is one for all.

4. Are they ideal for gifting purposes?

Raga watches are beautifully designed for all women out there. It has various watches suitable for gifting purposes at birthdays, weddings, and other events. Gift your loved ones according to their personality.

5. What is preferable, a quartz movement or mechanical?

Mechanical watches involve careful engineering and maintenance and are sometimes not precise. Thus, quartz is much preferable to mechanical.

6. Is the raga collection a good choice for the workplace?

They are not restricted to any dress-up, place or looks. Titan raga offers a variety for all your occasions and places. They offer an ideal choice for the workplace.

7. Where can I find a range of classic and quirky designs?

Investing in a good raga watch for women is a wise decision; to make a wise investment, you must go through the entire range of watches. Browse our website and look at our collection; pick according to your style and personality.

8. Is a replacement policy available?

You may contact our customer service and give them a genuine reason for replacement. They will arrange for a pickup.

9. What is the most picked option?

Stainless steel straps are the most handpicked option among women. They give you the best company, from your everyday mood to your party times. Go for any silver or rose gold raga watches that will never go wrong.

10. Do they have discounts and offers?

While browsing through the Titan for raga watches, you can check for discounts if available.

You may compare up to 4 items at a time
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