Titan International

Titan Company went global in 1991, with the launch of Titan watches in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. Operations in Kuwait and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were launched in 1995-96.

Titan Company further expanded into South East Asia, offering products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and recently, in the Philippines and Indonesia. The African footprint, having started with distribution in Kenya and Mauritius in the mid-nineties, is also steadily growing, with operations in South Africa launched in 2010. Titan watches are also available in the adjoining countries of Djibouti, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Through a combination of contemporary style, excellent quality and affordable prices, Titan Company has put together an exceptionally appealing proposition internationally.

Today, more than 2 decades after the first international foray, Titan Company’s presence spans across more than 2000 stores, in over 30 countries. With a customer base of 135 Million globally, it’s no wonder that there is a Titan watch being owned, somewhere in the world – every 3 seconds!

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