Machine Building and Automation Solutions

Machine Building & Automation functions commenced at Titan Company Limited in 1990. The drive was intended to appease increasing demands of quartz watches and to meet the stringent product quality. Initially, the venture kick-started by designing and manufacturing machine tools, assembly & testing machines to address in-house (Watch Division) captive requirements.

Impetus picked up in 2003, with the existing expertise of developing precision components assembly and testing machines made machine building to venture into the Automotive segment, debuting what is now a full-fledged revenue spinner branded 'Titan Automation Solutions'.

Titan Automation solutions is in the business of giving customer specific turnkey Assembly and Testing solutions for the following market segments

• Automotive
• Electrical & Electronics
• Medical Devices
• Other Engineering

With acclaimed expertise in understanding the assembly and testing technologies along with the market specific global standards, Titan automation solutions had delivered more than 300 assembly and testing lines to around 70 customers across the globe such as Renault, Honda, Bosch, Inteva etc.

Titan Automation solutions had made its foot print in the automotive, electrical and medical industry by giving various kinds of assembly and testing machines such as

• Fully Automatic Assembly Machines
• Semi Automatic/Lean Assembly Machines
• Robotic based Assembly Machines
• Robotic Weld Cell
• Vision Based Systems
• Servo Controlled Special Purpose Machines
• Test Rigs(Functional, Performance, Leak testing etc)

Titan Automation which is known in the market for its superior design capability, Flexibility,Project management skills and customer centric approach had enabled to export the machines to 8 countries such as USA, Germany, Romania, UK, China, Argentina, Czech Republic, Portugal etc.

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