Electronic Sub- Assemblies

Titan Time Products (a 100% subsidiary of Titan Company) specialises in manufacture of electronic-board assemblies for industries such as automotive, industrial electronics, telecommunication, consumer goods, medical and defence.

The state-of-art manufacturing facility, located at Verna, Goa supports 150 people and boasts of a clean-room facility matching a class 10000.

Titan Time Products capabilities include Surface Mount Technology for fine-pitch assemblies, Ball Grid Array placements, Chip-on-board Assemblies/ Wire bonding  and Through-hole Assemblies. The testing facilities we offer include In-circuit testers, Automatic Online Inspection equipment (AOI), Solder-thickness measuring systems, and various other functional test set-ups.

Titan Time Products quality systems are accredited to ISO 9000 and TS 16949 standards and all processes are Restriction on Hazardous Substances compliant.

We enjoy an elaborate network of component suppliers and manufacturers in India and abroad, and have sourcing set-up in Hong Kong and the UK.

Titan Time Products value chain processes run on SAP and the manufacturing systems are calibrated to process multiple products simultaneously with batches varying from Proto lots to larger volumes.

The impressive array of awards bestowed on the company, such as the Award for Excellence in Total Productive Maintenance , the IMEA – Frost & Sullivan Award, the CII Excellence Award and the ELCINA – Dun & Bradstreet Award are confidently illustrative of Titan Time products’ strong and world-class manufacturing practices.

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