Community Initiative

Community Development and CSR Policy
Titan Company has a defined policy for Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). As part of its CSR initiative, the manufacturing units of Watch, Jewellery and TEAL, at Hosur, have acquired the 'ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Standards' and 'ISO 14001:2000 Environment System Standard' certifications, in its journey to be an ecologically responsible organisation.

The company's diverse community initiatives include:
• Education
- Titan Scholarships - Based on need and merit
- Titan School and Titan foundation for education
• Employing the differently-abled
• Karigar parks/centres
• Women's empowerment
• Skill development - basic training centre and Unnati programme
• Environment management programmes

Miscellaneous community initiatives
Titan Company's community initiatives are committed to build partnership for social development, focus on sustainable initiatives and improve the quality of life of the communities where the initiatives operate. With a dedicated force of 250 enthusiastic employee volunteers, the company has formed a Community Development Forum. This forum works towards mobilising society and volunteers to make the community initiatives a success. The company's miscellaneous community development activities include orphanage support, HIV/Aids awareness, village adoption, vision improvement program, a program to provide work to rural unemployed women, community rehabilitation, tsunami relief work, eradication of child labour and environment protection, to name a few. The company has made a positive change in the lives of over 6000 individuals.

Corporate responsibility begins at home
Titan Company believes that corporate responsibility begins with its employees. The company ensures that harmony, peace and inclusive approach at work place are maintained. Efforts are made to engage employees in programs designed to fulfil our ecological and social responsibility. Various work-place initiatives are conducted to achieve this: War on Waste - an initiative that reduced the impact of manufacturing operations on the environment. At Titan Company, Corporate Social Responsibility is more than philanthropy - it is an internal process that reflects the soul of the company.

Successful community initiatives:
Titan Company has embarked on and completed several community development programmes as part of its community initiatives. A few among these successful projects are:

Titan Scholarship - Have been awarded to students in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts (Tamil Nadu), based on academic performance and socio-economic background for over 550 students form the economically backward section. In 2013-14, this programme has been extended to Uttarakhand.

Titan Township - A sustainable community in Hosur (Tamil Nadu), that provides housing to 1300 residents collaborating with NGOs MCA and Ashraya.

Employment for differently-abled - Over 120 differently-abled individuals are employed at our watch and jewellery plants at Hosur.

Karigar Park/Centres - A social entrepreneurship project which houses jewellery karigars in over 20 parks / centres, wherein the company provides the equipment, material and training and karigars use their skill sets in producing jewellery of the highest standards and design. The company ensures the best working conditions and safety practices are followed in the manufacturing process. The Karigar centres also provide the karigars with boarding, lodging, recreation and gymnasium facilities. Currently about 1400 karigars have benefitted from this.

Titan School and Titan Foundation for Education - A primary english medium school upto class X, affiliated with CBSE, with over 700 students, has been created and supported by Titan Company.

Meadow Project (Myrada) - an inclusive growth programme in collaboration with a local NGO ensured a collaborated effort with self-help groups of rural women to provide gainful employment to more than 510 rural women in and around Hosur, with our three manufacturing plants (Tamil Nadu)

Recognition of Community Initiatives:
-As an appreciation of its significant contribution to the community welfare, Titan Company has received various awards including 'President of India's Award' for employing the disabled, prestigious 'Helen Keller Award' and the 'Mother Teresa Award'.

Other noteworthy awards include:
- Golden Peacock Award on Environment Management by Frost & Sullivan
- Tamil Nadu Government recognition as the best Company in CSR activities
- Best Governed Company Award from Asian Center for Corporate Governance

Ranked among the nation's best corporate citizens, Titan Company is committed to take on the social responsibility and fulfill it with dedication.