Celebrating Titan

After two decades of building relationships with our customers, and learning from all the successes and failures that came our way, it is time to pause, reflect and celebrate.

It is time to honour the indispensable role of our people, our business associates and suppliers, who have enriched the fabric of Titan Company, as we know it today. We are proud to have withstood the test of time and maintained our dedication to the values upon which Titan Company was founded.

People are at the heart of our success
Over the years, we have built our operations, nationwide and worldwide, leveraging the expertise of our most talented, dedicated and hardworking people with the vision, integrity, innovation and leadership qualities that our business demands. We have continued to emphasize its’ people first policy, making it possible for the Company to report one of the industry's lowest attrition rate (9.5%) in India.

Titan rejuvenates competence through training and personal development on one hand and lateral movements across functions and divisions on the other, which translated into high engagement and expose to new opportunities. For over two decades, our core values of commitment to safety, health and environment, high ethical standards and respect for people has been the cornerstone of our identity.

Relationships are a sacred bond of trust for us
At Titan Company, we have built relationships and forged lasting bonds with our customers, employees, shareholders, network of business associates, and suppliers.

With our futuristic designs, we created a desire in the minds of our customers and offered them accessories for every occasion. In a small way, we have been a part of all their celebrations. ‘Customer First’ - an initiative driven by the company is an embodiment of the customer-focused culture that we imbibed from the very beginning. We continue to foster greater customer commitment by making our product lines more comprehensive.

Growth depicts many milestones
We have been able to remain the undisputed leaders in the market. Taking the prognosis of brand fatigue seriously, we reinvented ourselves with the impeccably styled Euro watches collection. Triumphs like this were interspersed with tribulations that spurred us to accept new challenges and overcome them with a resolve and commitment. With over 1100 exclusive showrooms and 11,000 dealer-outlets, we are the largest retail network in India.