Corporate Sustainability

CSR Policy in line with the company’s vision

The CSR focus at Titan will be driven by broad themes such as upliftment of the underprivileged girl child, Skill development and support for Indian Arts, Crafts and Heritage

At Titan, sustainable development acts as our backbone.Committed to go beyond our usual line of business to give back to the society and empower the people, Titan is designed to be responsible to our external stakeholders. Our Primary Focus points:

Holistic and Lifecycle Approach to support the Underprivileged Girl Child - Titan Kanya :

•The Titan Kanya Programme, launched in 2013, is a collaborative pan-India initiative involving the company, its employees and business associates, seeking to empower the underprivileged girl child through education. Working with two NGOs - the K. C. Mahindra Trust (Nanhi Kali programme) and IIMPACT, Titan Kanya has till date benefited 13500 girl children. The Titan Kanya programme also extends its services to girl students passing out from class 10 through its 'Kanya centre'. This programme's larger purpose is the holistic and lifecycle engagement of the girl child. In the next five year, we aim to benefit close to 1 lakh girl children under this programme.

Supporting Education and Skills Development of Tribal Children

•Titan started engaging with the NGO named Swami Vivekanand Youth Movement (SVYM), to support all the high school tribal children in the remote location of Heggadevanakote of Karnataka. so far, over 120 high school tribal children are benifitted by this programme which undertakes many innovative interventions such as community connect projects, spoken english cources, formal career counselling and more. pursuant to Titan's efforts, in last 3 years, the number of students to pass class 10 has been over 70% each year. We have also taken up capacity building in schools, where we started rejuvenating the D.Ed teacher training programme for the tribal youth.

Supporting Traditional Crafts. Art & Heritage of Porgai

•Sittlingi, a non descript vilage in Dharmapuri district, is home to the Lambadi tribe that migrated from North Indaicenturies ago. 'Porgai' means 'pride' in Lambadi. dr. Lalitha Regi of Tribal health Initiative has helped the women's groups here to revive the traditional art of Lambadi embroidery. Titan has commisioned a comprehensive and customised support programme for these groups, through a 3-year holistic partnership. Titan has also set thePorgai artisan centre, for centralised training, storage and exhibition facilities