Tanishq Gold

Tanishq offers you a wide range of gold jewelry in pure 22k. Our range of gold jewelry has been designed to suit all occasions from wedding to everyday wear.From the traditional harams, mangalsutras and thalis to the more fashionable earrings, chains, bracelets and rings, there is a lot to choose from at Tanishq.

In India Gold has always been associated with security and is the most valuable form of investment. However, it has been observed that consumer is an easy target to several malpractices like under karatage, under valuation of the gold sold and unfair buy back policies due to the lack of awareness about these issues.

Tanishq propagates ethical practices not only by assuring the customer purity and selling policies, but also fair policies to the karigars who craft the jewellery.

Tanishq's designs in Pure 22kt gold are not only unique, expressing the wearer's individuality but each piece is subject to the intricate process of design, crafting and stone setting with stringent quality standards at every point. At Tanishq, we cater to every occasion. Our collections in gold abound from the grandiose wedding collection to exotic kundan and polki, from the stunning Aarka collections to the exclusive Nakashi work. We ensure that we have something for everyone with our baby range, 9 to 5 for the working woman and high fashion, men's wear, teen's collection and regional specific designs.

Gold Coin

Every Tanishq gold coin is precisely engineered with care using the latest state-of-the-art facility and modern technologies to turn the solid gold into master crafted coins.

Coins, available in 24K (9999 purity standard used by Swiss banks) and 22K Gold.

At Tanishq, gold coins an excellent form of investment and are available in various denominations ranging from half a gram, one, two, four, five, eight, ten and 50 gms.

Gold Bricks of 1 kg and Biscuits or Bars in denominations of 100 and 500 gms are also available

These coins are also available with images of Ganesha, Laxmi, Balaji, Saibaba, Allah, Om, Ayyappa, Cross and any other motifs. We also
undertake institutional orders.

When you exchange any Tanishq gold coin with jewellery, you get the benefit of the appreciated current gold rate and there is no deduction, a full value exchange is done on the same.

Karat Meter

Karat meter is technically called X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometer. Tanishq named it as karat meter for easy understanding to customers.

The analysis of gold in gold jewelry alloys has been performed during the last thirty centuries by the cupellation or fire assay method. Although it is the most accurate technique it is also destructive. The touch stone method has been there for centuries but is not an accurate method of testing gold. Its accuracy is dependent on composition and colour of alloy, quality of touch stone, strength of touch acid, lighting conditions and operator skill. The test is not suitable for very high karat gold or hard white gold.

What then are the benefits of using a tanisghq karatmeter?

  • It offers non-contact and non-destructive testing. Sample material is not consumed.
  • It is extremely fast. Measurement takes only minutes, and results are obtained immediately.
  • It can identify all elements in the sample and their respective weight percentages (composition)
  • The results are operator independent, so different people using the system will get the same results.
  • X-ray assay is NIST (National Institute of Standards Technology) traceable and confirms with ASTM B568 and ISO 3497.