Bags Buying Guide - Types

TOTE : A tote is a medium to large sized bag that was originally meant to be a shopping bag made from a piece of cloth with two parallel handles. A wide variety of tote bags are now available.


HOBO: A bag with a crescent shape on the top is characteristically a hobo bag. It is meant to be carried over the shoulder and tends to slouch when set down.

SATCHEL : A satchel is a rectangular bag with a box frame that is worn diagonally across the body. It is generally used to carry books and can vary in sizes.


SLING : A much smaller version of the traditional messenger bag is called a sling bag. It consists of a strap and can be either worn on one shoulder or across the body.

HANDBAG : A handbag is essentially meant for women to carry all their personal items in one place. With the changing trends, the handbags have transformed into multiple pockets, designs and shapes.


CLUTCH : A clutch is a typical evening bag with an elongated design and no straps or handles.

FOLD OVER CLUTCH : A fold-over-clutch is a modified version of the clutch with or without a handle that folds over.


WRISTLET : A wristlet is characterised as a clutch-shaped bag that has a loop on either side for one to wear it on the wrist, allowing for free movement of hands.

MESSENGER : A messenger is a spacious rectangular bag with a long strap that slings around the shoulder for the bag to rest on the lower back. What started as a type of sack for courier boys, the messenger has gained popularity among the urban crowd.


BUCKET BAG : A bucket is a mid-sized bag with a lot of space. It forms the shape of a bucket when set down, hence, its name. Usually, bucket bags come with drawstrings on top for closure.