Brand story

About the Brand

Sonata holds the accolade of being India’s largest selling watch brand with an unparalleled distribution network. The brand is known for pushing the boundaries in product design and holds many of India’s firsts, be it the Shagun watch, the touch screen watch or the most affordable branded watch at just Rs.225. Sonata is not only about the price but also offers a huge range of stylish and functional watches. The brand’s ideology lies in ‘Shaan Se Style’ which can be seen resonating in the products, packaging, retail identity and communication.

SF by Sonata

Sonata launched SF in the year () which now functions as an independent brand. With SF, Sonata carved out a separate space of rugged and feature-rich sport watches for the adventure lovers and backed it up with products that deliver on promise like the Ocean Series - a range of highly water resistant watches or the pedometer series– a fitness trainer on your wrist! The watches are made from high strength material like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polyurethane (PU) consisting of digital dials along with features like multi-alarm, day & date, chronograph, dual time, pedometer, etc. The high water resistant properties of the watches combined with high strength material make them ideal for the most extreme conditions. SF is all about that moment of action; it’s about living more every second.


Brand Promise:

The brand Sonata rests on core values that resemble the Tata Group as a whole. It focuses on bringing style forward and unique ranges at a very competitive pricing. Sonata has watches catering to each category – workwear, everyday wear, occasional wear and sportswear.

  1. Quality: Special consideration is taken to make each product durable and long-lasting. The trust and seal of Tata goes with each time piece.

  2. Affordability: The range consists of watches that start at Rs.395 including the super fiber series that is modestly priced.

  3. Design: Gold-plated, stainless steel and super fiber watches make up the design range. Some exclusive collections, such as watches for pair, wedding watches, etc. are also included from time to time.
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