Brand story

About the Brand

Gold jewellery has been perceived as an investment since a long time. People buy gold during festivals and weddings. Due to this age-old mindset, younger women were not inclined towards gold even though they used jewellery as a tool for expression. The designs either did not meet their expectations, were too heavy or expensive. Tanishq realized this gap with a lot of potential - young, working women who would become the first time customers of Tanishq. Mia was launched in November, 2011 as a sub-brand of Tanishq, comprising of lightweight 18KT gold jewellery with fresh looking designs.

The earlier designs were heavy and chunky and did not appeal to the working class women right away. Combined with an intimidating environment and lack of awareness, the right kind of attention could not be captured. Tanishq revamped Mia by classifying the working women into different segments and creating jewellery pieces that specifically cater to each significant segment. To bridge the price gap, the karatage of gold was brought down from 18KT to 14KT. Mia which started as a collection under Tanishq and was available at Tanishq stores has now moved to be an independent sub-brand. It has moved the category of workwear jewellery into a space where it allows women to celebrate their identity.

Mia has 2 exclusive stores in Bombay and Bangalore.

Brand Promise

Lightweight, contemporary designs and coloured stones have become synonymous with Mia. Each collection has brought a refreshing change to workwear jewellery.

  1. Fine gold jewellery: Crafting jewellery pieces from fine 14KT gold moves away from the traditional, bulky, not-so-suitable for work.

  2. Contemporary designs: Mia brings out new-age, contemporary designs for the urban women with each collection. The use of coloured stones and bright enamel highlights combined with openwork designs lend a very modern yet sophisticated look.